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Question 5/SSG - To participate in the preparation of a handbook on IMT-2000

Reasons for Study

To assist both developed and developing countries in the deployment of IMT2000 systems, a handbook is needed. This handbook requires inputs and close collaboration with ITU-D and ITU-R. A single handbook is proposed to be prepared by the three sectors of the ITU. In its role as the lead Study Group on mobility in ITU-T, the Special Study Group on "IMT-2000 and Beyond" shall coordinate the activities across the T sector for the network aspects of this handbook.

Network aspects should be based on the existing IMT-2000 family members identified under Q.3/SSG.

Cooperation with external bodies outside of the ITU, in particular the SDOs, is required to gather any relevant information from these organizations and avoid duplication of effort.


To coordinate and prepare the T sector input to a single handbook prepared by the three sectors of the ITU, containing different aspects related to: e.g. management, tariffs and technical matters.

Task Objectives

The task objectives for this question are:

1) Coordinate T sector inputs to a handbook produced in cooperation with the D and R sectors of the ITU. This shall include e.g. management and technical aspects as prepared by the relevant Study Groups.

2) Prepare the technical inputs to the handbook, on the network aspect of IMT2000 systems as identified by Q.3/SSG.

Expected completion: 4 q. 2002.


The development of these handbooks will require close coordination activities with:

  • External organisations, particularly 3GPP and 3GPP2.
  • All ITU-T Study Groups, in particular 3, 4, 7, 11, 13 & 16
  • ITU-R Working Party 8D, 8F.
  • ITU-D SG2

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