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Question 3/SSG - Identification of existing and evolving IMT-2000 systems

Reasons for the question

The desire to perform interworking and establish a migration from existing IMT-2000 family members towards systems beyond IMT-2000, will require the identification of the architecture of these systems (IMT 2000 family members).

Since the existing IMT-2000 systems have been specified by a number of SDO’s, the reason for this question, is to identify which specifications as approved by the SDO’s (recognized by ITU-T according to A series recommendations) are necessary to realizes IMT-2000 system, and where they apply to the overall architecture of the IMT-2000 family member.

As the SDO’s continue to develop various releases of their systems, new recommendation will need to be produced to reflect the releases of these systems.

The identification of the architecture and detailed specifications (as produced by the SDO’s) of the existing IMT-2000 family members is essential to be able to specify those functions required to facilitate interworking between family members.


What architectures, detailed specifications and releases have been and will be produced by recognized SDO’s which make up existing and evolving IMT-2000 systems?

Task objectives

The major focus of this question is to develop recommendations, which identify the existing and evolving IMT-2000 family member systems. The task objectives for the question are to develop recommendations identifying the architecture and detailed specifications of each release (version) of each IMT-2000 family member making reference to relevant specifications produced by the ITU-T recognised SDO’s.

Recommendations shall be produced for the following existing and evolving IMT-2000 family members:

  • GSM evolved UMTS core network with UTRAN access network,
  • ANSI-41 evolved core network with cdma2000 access network,
  • ANSI-41/GPRS evolved core network with UWC-136 access network.

Expected Completion: Initial recommendations consented end 2001, subsequent recommendations 6 – 12 months after systems are approved by SDOs.


The development of these recommendations will require close coordination activities with:

  • External organisations, particularly UWCC, SDOs.
  • ITU-T Study Group 11.
  • ITU-R Working Party 8F.

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