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Question 2/SSG - NNI mobility management protocol (Stage 3)

Reasons for the question

Convergence of fixed and wireless networks and ultimately migration to interoperable and harmonised network architectures to provide services transparently to the users across different access arrangements is becoming an industry requirement.

The output from Q.1/SSG will be a future telecommunication vision that needs to be provided with mobility management capabilities. As a result of the studies of harmonization and convergence in other Questions, This this Question will provide the required Stage 31 mobility management protocols.


What new network-to-network interface (NNI) mobility management protocols, or enhancements to existing NNI mobility management protocols are needed to support global roaming and services for networks resulting from Q.1/SSG?

Task objectives

The main tasks are as follows:

1) Taking into account the output of Question 3/SSG,

  • identify differences between current MMP protocols;
  • determine, if any, new protocols or enhancements for the Common Mobility Management and Global roaming to support the features identified for network resulting from Q.1/SSG, Q.6/SSG and Q.7/SSG

Expected first deliverable: a technical report on the findings ready for approval - 2Q2002

2) Taking into account the output of Q.4/SSG and Q.7/SSG,

  • identify the requirements for new or enhanced Mobility Management protocols and Global Roaming to support Global Roaming in IMT-2000 and beyond,
  • document these in an appropriate manner for consideration by the Partnerships Projects, SDOs and other relevant external organisations.

Expected first deliverable: – 1Q2003

3) Taking into account the progress of Q.1/SSG, including VHE for mobile networks, and the results of Task 2,

  • identify the mobility management features required
  • study the protocol in relation to appropriate interoperability, transport layers, and mobility management.

Expected first deliverable: Technical Report 4Q2004


The execution of tasks of this question will require close co-ordination and collaboration with:

  • ITU-T Special Study Group on "IMT-2000 and Beyond", Question "Service and network capability requirements and network architecture" Q1/SSG,
  • ITU-T Special Study Group on "IMT-2000 and Beyond", Question "Identification of existing and evolving IMT-2000 systems" Q3/SSG,
  • ITU-T Special Study Group on "IMT-2000 and Beyond", Question "Interworking functions to be used with existing and evolving IMT-2000 systems" Q4/SSG,
  • ITU-T Special Study Group on "IMT-2000 and Beyond", Question "Convergence of Fixed and existing IMT-2000 systems" Q7/SSG,
  • Other standardisation bodies inside ITU
    • Other Relevant ITU-T SGs
    • Relevant ITU-R SGs
    • Relevant ITU-D SGs
  • Other relevant bodies, including but not limited to
    • SDOs
    • IETF

[1] An explanation of the 3 Stage process may be found in Recommendation I.130.

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