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Question 12/15 – Transport network architectures
(Continuation of Question 12/15)


Transport network architecture Recommendations (G.800, G.805, G.809) and technology specific network architecture Recommendations (G.803, G.872, G.8010 and I.326) have been established and are widely used. As operating experience is gained with employing current transport network technologies and new technologies evolve (e.g. variable size packets, high-speed transport networks), new Recommendations, or enhancements to existing Recommendations need to be developed, in close cooperation with the standardization activities on transport network systems and equipment. The operational aspects of networks is becoming more important. Packet transport networks offer more degrees of freedom than circuit switched networks. Therefore the operational aspects of networks should be considered to ensure that they are addressed in a way that is architecturally sound and avoids unnecessary options. Moreover, requirements for new transport network interfaces need to be studied.

The Requirements and Architecture of the Automatically Switched Optical Network (G.8080) have also been developed to enhance the capability to manage connections in the transport networks. This architecture requires enhancement to support more advanced applications.

The following major Recommendations, in force at the time of approval of his Question, fall under its responsibility: G.800, G.803, G.805, G.809, G.872, G.8010/Y.1306, G.8080/Y.1304, G.8110/Y.1370, G.8110.1/Y.1370.1, I.326.


What new or modifications to existing Recommendations are required to:

  • refine and enhance the specification of Transport Network Architecture, including enhancements to G.800, G.803, G.805, G.809, G.872, G.8010, G.8110 and a revision of G.8110.1 to align with MPLS-TP, including operational aspects and all optical networks?
  • refine and enhance Automatically Switched Optical Network (ASON) Architecture and Requirements, including enhancements to Recommendation G.8080?
  • specify the support of packet client layers over a transport network including operational aspects?

Study items to be considered include, but are not limited to:

  • Next generation transport network architecture
  • Converged transport networks
  • Packet over transport architecture
  • Transport networks that use a packet switched server layer network
  • Core/access convergence technologies
  • Support of point-to-multipoint and multipoint-to-multipoint transport services
  • The dynamic behaviour of resources in the network (e.g. link speed change as a result of the implementation of power saving)
  • Transport via satellite networks
  • All optical networks


Tasks include, but are not limited to:

  • Maintenance of Recommendations I.326 and G.803
  • Refinement and enhancement of Recommendations G.800, G.805, G.809, G.8080, G.8010, G.8110 and G.872
  • Develop a revised version of Recommendation G.8110.1 to align with the MPLS-TP architecture and include the appropriate normative references to the MPLS-TP RFCs that are being developed to address the requirements of the transport network. Update the title to replace T-MPLS with MPLS-TP to reflect the new contents.

NOTE: An up-to-date status of work under this Question is contained in the SG15 Work Programme at




  • G.805, G.807, G.809


  • Q20/13, Q2/15, Q3/15, Q6/15, Q9/15, Q10/15, Q11/15, Q13/15 and Q14/15

Study Groups:

  • ITU-T SG2 on telecommunication management
  • ITU-T SG13 working on NGN
  • ITU-R Study Groups on broadcasting and mobile aspects

Standardization bodies, forums and consortia:

  • IETF on Optical Control Plane Issues and MPLS-TP
  • IEEE 802 on Ethernet Issues
  • MEF on Ethernet Issues
  • OIF on Optical Control Plane Issues
  • TMForum on Management and Control Issues


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