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Question 10/15 – OAM for transport networks
(Continuation Question 5/13 and part of Question 11/15 studied in 2005-2008)


Operation, Administration and Maintenance (OAM) capabilities are essential for all network technologies when developing a carrier-class network. It is also particularly true when developing a Transport Network because a Transport Network is expected to support a wide variety of services in terms of reliability and performance including highly reliable and high quality services, which require effective network management.

Under the responsibility of this Question, Recommendations will be developed to provide the specifications for OAM mechanisms and OAM interworking in Transport Networks. This activity will be conducted in close co-operation with related Study Groups, IETF, IEEE, Metro Ethernet Forum and other SDOs as necessary.

A first set of Recommendations addressing Ethernet services and interfaces is developed.

Further study is required regarding Network Interface and interworking issues related to Packet over Transport.

Existing Recommendations may need to be enhanced to take into account new Transport Network features of Automatically Switched Optical Network (ASON).

The area of responsibility under this Question includes the specification of:

  • Transport OAM structures and methods
  • Network Interface characteristics for the Transport Network
  • Packet data transport supervision
  • Ethernet services

The following major Recommendations, in force at the time of approval of this Question, fall under its responsibility:

G.8011/Y.1307, G.8011.x/G.1307.x, G.8012/Y.1308, G.8112/Y.1371, I.610, Y.1710, Y.1711, Y.1712, Y.1713, Y.1714, and Y.1731


Study items to be considered include, but are not limited to:

  • Clarification of requirements and mechanisms of OAM for Transport Networks. This includes study on end-to-end OAM support for packet based ubiquitous networks. The OAM functions provide the capability for defect detection, defect localization, topology management and performance management.
  • Clarification of generic OAM principles for connection-oriented circuit-switched, connection-oriented packet-switched and connectionless packet switched networks.
  • OAM functions for packet based networks. This includes defect detection, defect localization and performance measurement functions. OAM functions should be able to be applied to both point-to-point and multipoint-to-multipoint networks.
  • Clarification of generic OAM principles under interworking of different network technologies. This includes network interworking and service interworking scenarios.
  • Continue work on the transport Ethernet OAM Recommendation Y.1731 in cooperation with IEEE
  • Continue work on the MPLS-TP OAM Recommendations in cooperation with IETF
  • Start work on OAM mechanisms for PBB-TE in cooperation with IEEE.
  • Continue work on the Ethernet services and Network Interfaces


Tasks include, but are not limited to:

  • Maintain existing Recommendations on OAM mechanisms for Transport Networks.
  • Preparation of new Recommendations on OAM mechanisms including defect localization functions and performance measurement functions.
  • Preparation of Recommendation on OAM functions that accommodate interworking of different network technologies.
  • Further development of Packet Transport Network service definitions
  • Further development of Packet Transport Network interface specifications
  • Develop a new Recommendation on Operation & maintenance mechanism for MPLS-TP layer networks to align with the MPLS-TP architecture and include the appropriate normative references to the MPLS-TP RFCs that are being developed to address the requirements of the transport network.

NOTE: An up-to-date status of work under this Question is contained in the SG15 Work Programme at




  • G.783, G.798, G.806, G.872, G.8001, G.8010, G.8021, G.8101, G.8110.1, G.8121.


  • Q3/15, Q9/15, Q11/15, Q12/15 and Q14/15

Study Groups:

  • ITU-T SG2 on network maintenance
  • ITU-T SG12 on network performance
  • ITU-T SG13 on NGN interworking

Standardization bodies, forums and consortia:

  • MEF on Ethernet services Issues
  • IEEE 802.1 on Ethernet bridges
  • IEEE 802.3 on Ethernet transport
  • IETF ccamp on MPLS extensions
  • IETF mpls on MPLS transport
  • IETF pwe3 on PW transport
  • IP/MPLS forum


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