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Study Group 15 - Optical transport networks and access network infrastructures

Meeting results concerning Recommendations (15 January 2010)

WP1/15 texts consented:

Rec. N=new
Title Text in Doc
G.9961 N Data Link Layer for unified high-speed wire-line home networking transceivers TD309/1
G.9960 (2009) Am.1 N Unified high-speed wire-line home networking transceivers Am 1 TD308/1
G.9960 (2009) Corr.1 N Unified high-speed wire-line home networking transceivers Corr.1 TD311/1
G.992.3 (2009) Am.1 N Asymmetric digital subscriber line transceivers 2 (ADSL2) Am.1 TD292R1/1
G.984.4 (2008) Corr.1 N GPON ONT management and control interface specification Corr.1 TD293/1
G.999.1 (2009) Corr.1 N LINK layer to PHY layer interface Corr.1 TD310/1

Meeting results concerning Recommendations (28 September - 9 October 2009)

WP1/15 texts consented:

Rec. N=new
Title Text in Doc
G.984.3 (2008) Am 2 N G-PON Transmission convergence layer Am 2 138R1/P
G.984.4 (2008) Am 2 N G-PON ONT management configuration interface Am 2 132R2/P
G.984.6 (2008) Am 1 N G-PON Reach extension Am 1 134R3/P
G.986 N 1Gbit/s point-to-point Ethernet access system 126R1/P
G.987 N XG-PON Definitions and acronyms 139R2/P
G.987.1 N XG-PON service requirements 128R2/P
G.987.2 N XG-PON physical media dependent specification 130R1/P
G.992.3 (2009) Cor 1 N Asymmetric digital subscriber line transceivers 2 (ADSL2) Cor 1 113R1/P
G.993.2 (2006) Am 5 N Very high speed Digital Subscriber Line Transceivers 2 177/P
G.993.5 (ex G.vector) N Self-FEXT Cancellation (Vectoring) for use with VDSL2 transceivers 115R1/P
G.994.1 (2007) Am 5 N Handshake procedures for digital subscriber line (DSL) transceivers 178R1/P
G.997.1 (2009)  Am 1 N Physical layer management for Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) transceivers 136R1/P
G.997.1 (2009) Cor 1 N Physical layer management for Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) transceivers 179/P
G.998.4 (ex G.inp) N Impulse noise protection for DSL 180/P
G.9972 (ex N Coexistence mechanism for home networking transceivers 135R1/P

WP2/15 texts consented:

Rec. N=new
Title Text in Doc
G.693 R Optical interfaces for intra-office systems 101R1/P
G.695 R Optical interfaces for coarse wavelength division multiplexing applications 114R1/P
G.698.2 R Amplified multichannel DWDM applications with single channel optical interfaces 96R1/P
G.959.1 R Optical transport network physical layer interfaces 97R1/P
G.697 R Optical monitoring for DWDM systems 137R2 /P
G.655 R Characteristics of a non-zero dispersion-shifted single-mode optical fibre and cable 140 R1 /P
G.698.1 R Multichannel DWDM applications with single-channel optical interfaces 141R1/P
G.973.1 (ex. G.lcasub) N Longitudinally Compatible DWDM Applications for repeaterless optical fibre submarine cable systems 127 R2/P
G.652 R Characteristics of a single-mode optical fibre and cable 131 R1/P
G.657 R Characteristics of a bending loss insensitive single mode optical fibre and cable for the access network 197 R1/P
L.81 (L.wsn) N Monitoring systems for outside plant facilities 103 R4/P


WP3/15 texts consented:

Rec. N=new
Title Text in Doc
G.870/Y.1352 (2008) Amd. 1 N Terms and definitions for Optical Transport Networks (OTN) TD204/P
G.781 (2008) Corr. 1 N Synchronization Layer Functions TD194/P
G.783 Amd. 2 N Characteristics of synchronous digital hierarchy (SDH) equipment functional blocks TD199/P
G.808.1 R Generic Protection Switching - Linear Trail and Subnetwork Protection TD120R1/P
G.8021/Y.1341 (2007) Am. 2 N Characteristics of Ethernet Transport Network Equipment Functional Blocks TD111R1/P
G.8031/Y.1342 R Ethernet linear protection switching TD107R1/P
G.8032/Y.1344 R Ethernet ring protection switching TD100R1/P
G.8011.3/ Y.1307.3 N Ethernet Virtual Private LAN Service
A.5 in TD203R1/P
G.8011.4/ Y.1307.4 N Ethernet Virtual Private Rooted Multipoint Service
A.5 in TD201R1/P
G.8011.5/ Y.1307.5 N Ethernet Private LAN service
A.5 in TD202/P
G.707/Y.1322 (2007)
Am. 2
N Network node interface for the synchronous digital hierarchy (SDH) TD119R1/P
G.709/Y.1331 R Interfaces for the Optical Transport Network (OTN) TD95R2/P
G.8251 (2001) Am. 2 N The control of jitter and wander within the optical transport network (OTN)
A.5 in TD200/P
G.8262/Y.1362 (2007) Am. 2 N Timing characteristics of synchronous Ethernet equipment slave clock (EEC) TD112R2/P
G.8264/Y.1364 (2008) Corr. 1 N Timing distribution through packet networks TD118R1/P
G.7710/Y.1701 (2007) Corr. 1 N Common equipment management function requirements TD117R1/P
G.7713/Y.1704 R Distributed Call and Connection Management (DCM) TD94R1/P
G.7716/Y.1707 N Architecture of Control Plane Operations TD125R1/P
G.8051/Y.1345 R Management aspects of the Ethernet Transport network element TD109R2/P
O.174 (ex. O.SyncEjitter/
N Jitter and wander measuring equipment for Synchronous Ethernet Network
A.5 in TD195/P

WP1/15 texts agreed

Rec. Status Title TD
G.984.5 (2007) Am 1 N G-PON Enhancement band Am 1 121/P
G.984.1 (2008) Am 1 N G-PON General characteristics Am 1 122/P
IG G.984.4 Rev 2 R G.984.4 Implementer’s guide Rev 2 123/P

WP2/15 agreed

Rec. Status Title TD
G.sup.gafc (G.suppl.47) New General Aspects of Optical Fibre and Cable 196 /P
Questionnaire on
G.971 “General features of optical fibre submarine cable systems”
Rev Questionnaire on Cable ships and submersible equipments 76-WP2 Annex I
Questionnaire on
New Questionnaire on Optical fibre identification technologies 69 R1-WP2
Questionnaire on
New Questionnaire on Optical cabling shared with multiple operators in buildings 103 - WP2
Questionnaire on
New Questionnaire on FTTx Networks 107 - WP2

WP3/15 agreed

Rec. Status Title TD
G.7041/Y.1303 Implementer's Guide N Generic framing procedure (GFP) TD189/P

Approved texts

Rec. Title TD
G.9960 Next Generation Home Networking Transceivers TD106
G.999.1 Link Layer to PHY Layer Interface TD105
G.996.2 (2008) Am 1 Line Testing for Digital Subscriber Lines (DSL) TD104


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