The narrowband E-model G.107 (06/2015)

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 E-Model (06/2015) - updated by Joachim Pomy
Parameter ID Default Value Dimension
Electric Circuit Noise Nc (-70) dBm0p
Noise Floor Nfor (-64) dBmp
Room Noise (Send) Ps (35) dB(A)
Room Noise (Receive) Pr (35) dB(A)
Send Loudness Rating SLR (8) dB
Receive Loudness Rating RLR (2) dB
Sidetone Masking Rating STMR (15) dB
D-factor (Receive) Dr (3)  
Listener's Sidetone Rating LSTR STMR+Dr dB
D-factor (Send) Ds (3)  
Delay Options Del-Opt  
Class of Delay Sensitivity Del-Class  
Mean One-Way Delay T (0) ms
Absolute Delay from (S) to (R)  Ta (=T) ms
Round-Trip Delay Tr (=2T) ms
Talker Echo Loudness Rating TELR (65) dB
Weighted Echo Path Loss WEPL (110) dB
Quantizing Distortion Units qdu (1)  
Equipment Impairment Factor Ie (0)  
Packet-loss Robustness Factor Bpl (1)  
Packet-loss Probability Ppl (0) %
Burst Ratio BurstR (1)  
Advantage Factor A (0)  
Calculated R-Factor R 93.2  
Mean Opinion Score MOSCQEn 4.41
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