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Question 5/2 – Network and service operations and maintenance procedures

(continuation of Q.5/2 and part of Q.3/4)


The deployment of converging networks, technologies and services, requires new methods of network and service operations. Input to this question from the Service and Network Operations group (SNOg) and Quality of Service Development Group (QSDG) is required.

New technologies and services have been planned and/or introduced in all networks which are characterized by different profiles and which need to be handled by the network and service operations in real time. The introduction of new services and/or new networks may generate new or unusual demands in the network, and may not be fully understood when the service is introduced. Operational studies for Next Generation Networks (NGN) and services have to be further developed. The introduction of such new services and/or new networks requires the collection in real time of network and services data, additional respect to those already specified in the E.410-series of Recommendations. The need of selectivity and enhancement of Operational surveillance and control has to be further analysed to cope with the variety of service types. With the increasing numbers of Network elements (e.g. routers, exchanges, Customer Premises Equipment (CPE)) and transmission systems, failures of such facilities may have a severe impact on service if Operational actions are not pre-planned and implemented. The exchange of real time information between the network elements of the networks and/or OSSs is essential for the optimization of telecommunications services and therefore it should be further investigated for inclusion into the E.410 series from an Operational perspective.

In addition, network and service operations and maintenance procedures and processes are shifting towards increased emphasis on automated network and service management, driven by market and economic pressures, and enabled by technology development. In particular, the introduction of the NGN is expected to have a big impact in this area.

There is a need to study these changes and to define which agreements are needed to enable proper cooperation between the operations and maintenance staff of network operators and/or service providers.


Study items to be considered include, but are not limited to:

  • What new Recommendations or changes to existing Recommendations are required to deal with changes in the operations and maintenance procedures for networks belonging to the NGN transport stratum?
  • What new Recommendations or changes to existing Recommendations are required for operations and maintenance procedures for NGN service stratum entities?
  • Are any specific Recommendations needed for operations and maintenance of services and applications?
Studies under this Question will include for networks and services:
  • Operational guidance
  • Assurance
  • Provisioning
  • Controls
  • Operational planning and organization aspects
  • Operational security
  • Performance and business oriented key performance indicators
  • Competency metrics
  •  Climate change considerations


Tasks include, but are not limited to:

  • Review existing network and service operations and maintenance procedures and develop extensions/new ones, in particular for the NGN;
  • Consider interworking of various circuit and packet based transport technologies;
  • Identify specific Telecom Management requirements especially those relating to exchange of information between network operators and/or service providers;
  • Review and refine existing Recommendations and develop required new Recommendations;
  • New and revised (E.410-series) recommendations are expected during the study period as reflected in the table below which will be updated on an ongoing basis:
Area Target date Priority
NGN and NGN based Services 2010 High
VoIP metrics 2010 Medium
Customer self service 2011 High
Alarm correlation and impact analysis 2011 Medium
Next Generation Mobile Networks 2011 Medium
Convergence of telecommunication and IT environments 2011 Medium


The following are considered relationships from and to the Question on Network and Service Operations:


  • Operational methods and procedures
  • System Requirements (OSS, Network Elements)
  • Routing and Numbering
  • e-TOM (enhanced Telecom Operations Map)

Within Study Group 2

  • Service and Network Operational group (SNOg)

Within ITU

  • Next Generation Network
  • Telecommunication management and Network Maintenance
  • Signalling Requirements and Protocols
  • Network Security
  • Transport networks and access network infrastructures
  • Quality of Service Development Group (QSDG)
  • Performance/QoS

With other groups

  • Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)
  • European Telecommunications Standardization Institute (ETSI)
  • TM Forum
  • Alliance for Telecommunication and Industry Solutions (ATIS)
  • North American Network Operators Group (NANOG)


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