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Standardization Areas, Domains and their Codes
Standardization Area Code Standardization Domain Code
Generic 00 Generic 00
Cables/networkcomponent 01 Terminology 01
Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) 02 Terminals equipment adaptor 02
Leased lines 03 Interfaces/protocols 03
Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) 04 Numbering, Addressing 04
Signalling networks 05 Routing 05
Intelligent Network (IN) 06 Signalling 06
Broadband Integrated Services Digital Network (B-ISDN). Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) 07 Interworking 07
Data networks 08 Synchronization 08
Telecommunications Management Network (TMN). Customer Network Management (CNM) 09 Switching 09
Universal Personal Telecommunication (UPT) 10 Network capabilities 10
Plesiochronous Digital Hierarchy (PDH) 11 Tariff/charging/accounting 11
Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH) 12 Network Performance (NP). Quality of Service (QOS) 12
Fibre To The Home (FTTH). Fibre To The Curb (FTTC). Fibre In The Loop (FITL) 13 Traffic management 13
Wireless 14 Traffic engineering 14
IMT-2000. Mobile 15 ElectroMagnetic Compatibility (EMC). Protection. Safety 15
Satellite 16 Signals processing 16
Software/application 17 Languages for telecommunications 17
Other 18 Human factors 18
Telephone service 19 Service definition 19
Facsimile 20 Bearer services 20
Bureau services 21 Teleservices 21
Telex 22 Supplementary services 22
INTEX 23 Audiovisual/Multimedia 23
Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) based services 24 Service management 24
Data services 25 Fault, Configuration, Accounting, Performance and Security Management (FCAPS); OAM&P (Operations, Administration, Maintenance and Provisioning) 25
Videotex 26 Testing 26
Directories 27 Architecture 27
Cards 28   28
Message Handling Systems (MHS) 29 Security 29
AudioVisual MultiMedia Systems (AVMMS) 30 Transmission system/equipment 30
Sound and television (TV) transmission 31 Infrastructure 31
Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) 32 System management 32
Optical Networking 33 User suitability 33
Access Networks 34 Others 34
IP-based Networks 35 Conditional access 35
IP-based Services 36 Objective video quality measurement 36
Systems Beyond IMT-2000, Mobile 37    
Next Generation Networks (NGN) 38    
Cable (hybrid coaxial-fiber) access network 39    
IP Cablecom 40    
Cable services 41    
No area specified 99 No domain specified 99

Key for the codes used in the various fields of the Work Programme table
Recommendation Draft new or revised Recommendation, Amendment, Corrigendum, Supplement. Handbook. etc.
ST Status: A=Adopted, AT=Adopted with editorial changes, AC=Adopted with substantial changes, R=Revised, N=New;  X=Proposed for deletion; LC=Last Call; LJ=Last Call Judgment; AR=Additional Review; AJ = Additional Review Judgment; SG=For Study Group approval; NA=Not Approved
Ques Study Question the draft new or revised Recommendation, Amendment, Corrigendum, Supplement. Handbook. etc.
Timing Meeting at which the approval or the decision will be taken according to ITU-T Resolution No. 1/A.8  approval procedure.
Pri Priority given to development of the Recommendation: H=High, M=Medium, L=Low
Pag Number of estimated pages (total for new texts or added and modified for revised texts).
Liaison Liaison with other groups necessary to develop the draft Rec. or to inform about  the development of the Rec.
Standardization Area A complete project to be standardized through the standardization of every aspect required  for the completion of the standardization activities required. This could be associated to the vertical standardization concept. (see the table above)
Standardization Domain The aspect or one of the aspects for which standardization activities are required for the completion of the standardization activities required by an Standardization area. This could be associated to the horizontal standardization concept. (see the table above)
References Document(s) in which the last version of the text can be found
Subject Brief summary (key words) of the subject area of the draft Recommendation


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