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ITU-T Recommendations on ASTN/ASON Control Plane
The following table lists all of the known ITU-T Recommendations specifically related to the ASTN/ASON Control Plane.

TABLE 7-4/OTNT: ITU-T Recommendations on the ASTN/ASON Control Plane

Topic Title Publ.*
Requirements G.807/Y.1302 Requirements for the Automatic Switched Transport Network (ASTN) 07/01
Architecture G.8080/Y.1304 Architecture for the Automatic Switched Optical Network (ASON) 11/01
G.ason living list  
Protocol Neutral Specifications for key signalling elements G.7713/Y.1704 Generalised Distributed Connection Management (draft version 0.3, 06/01) 10/01
G.7713.1/Y.1704 Distributed Call and Connection Management – PNNI Implementation  
G.7713.2/Y.1704 Distributed Call and Connection Management – GMPLS RSVP-TE Implementation  
G.7713.3/Y.1704 Distributed Call and Connection Management – GMPLS CR-LDP Implementation  
G.7714/Y.1705 Generalised automatic discovery techniques 10/01
G.7715/Y.1706 Architecture and requirements for routing in automatically switched optical networks 2002
G.7716/Y.1707 [ASTN link connection status]  
G.7717/Y.1708 Connection Admission Control  
Specific Protocols to realise the signalling elements    
Data Communication Network (CDN) G. 7712/Y.1703 Data Communication Network (Draft, 06/01) 10/01
G.dcn living list version 02/01  

*Note: Dates with year only are expected publication dates. Those with month and date are actual pre-published document availability dates or final publication dates.

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