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ITU-T P.1201.2 (10/2012)

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Parametric non-intrusive assessment of audiovisual media streaming quality – Higher resolution application area
Recommendation ITU-T P.1201.2 specifies the algorithmic model for the higher resolution (HR) application area of Recommendation ITU-T P.1201.
The ITU-T P.1201 series of Recommendations specifies models for monitoring the audio, video and audiovisual quality of IP-based video services based on packet-header information. The higher resolution application area of the ITU-T P.1201.2 part of ITU-T P.1201 can be applied to the monitoring of performance and quality of experience (QoE) of video services such as Internet Protocol television (IPTV). The algorithm for the lower resolution (LR) case is specified in Recommendation ITU T P.1201.1. See Recommendation ITU-T P.1201 for details and respective application ranges.
This Recommendation contains an electronic attachment containing a set of test vectors and test files for verification of compliance.
Approval date: 2012-10-14
Provisional name:P.NAMS-HR
Approval process:AAP
Status: In force
Observation:The published text of this Recommendation includes the modifications introduced by P.1201.2 (2012) Amd.1 (2013).
Maintenance responsibility: ITU-T Study Group 12
Further details: Patent statement(s)
Development history
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1.3 P.1201.2 (2012) Cor. 1 (04/2014) In force
- here
1.2 P.1201.2 (2012) Amd. 2 (12/2013) In force
- here
1.1 P.1201.2 (2012) Amd. 1 (05/2013) In force
1 P.1201.2 (10/2012) In force
1.0 P.1201.2 (2012) Erratum 1 (02/2015) In force - - here