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ITU-T News 2002

ITU-T and ISO/IEC to produce next generation video coding standard

Joint Video Team to Deliver Quality Improvement

Geneva, 8 February 2002 - Two leading standards bodies, ITU-T and ISO/IEC have launched a project that will enhance standard video coding performance. This new working party, the Joint Video Team (JVT), is expected to bring substantial improvements in video coding efficiency, which will result in improved video quality. The new standard is anticipated to be of use in all areas where bandwidth or storage capacity is limited.

The JVT project will take over the H.26L (Improved Video Coding for Multimedia Communication) project of the ITU-T and create a single interoperable solution for a next generation of standard video coding. It will result in technically aligned Standards in MPEG. Formal approval of the new standards is expected to be complete by the end of 2002.

Gary Sullivan, the chairman of the new Joint Video Team, said: "We’ve brought together the world's experts to focus on creating one design together and will present that design to the industry as the appropriate standard solution for the broad variety of applications of interest to both the ITU and ISO/IEC."

Leonardo Chiariglione, the convener of ISO/IEC MPEG agrees, "This unification of efforts will speed up the development and deployment of video products with new capabilities that work well together based on the power of standards. The close working relationship that has developed in recent years between us has new been further strengthened by this move." ITU-T and ISO/IEC-MPEG are the pre-eminent standards bodies in the area of digital video compression and have collaborated in the past to produce the MPEG-2 Video and Systems Standards (also known as ISO/IEC 13818, and ITU-T H.262 and H.222.0).

ITU-T VCEG, the Video Coding Experts Group, develops voluntary standards for advanced moving image coding methods appropriate for conversational and non-conversational audio/visual applications. It is chartered as Question 6 of Study Group 16 of ITU-T.

ISO/IEC MPEG, the Moving Picture Experts Group, develops international standards for compression and coding, decompression, processing, and coded representation of moving pictures, audio, and their combination, in order to satisfy a wide variety of applications. MPEG is chartered as Working Group 11 of Subcommittee 29 of JTC1.

For further information please contact:
Mr. Gary Sullivan
Rapporteur, Advanced video coding
ITU-T Study Group 16
Tel: +1 425 703 5308
Fax: +1 425 936 7329
Mr. Mike Buckley
PR Officer,
ITU-T Study Group 16
Phone: +44-1457-877718

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