-- ASN module extracted from ITU-T X.694 (11/2008)

XYZ -- The module reference is not standardized DEFINITIONS XER INSTRUCTIONS AUTOMATIC TAGS ::= BEGIN IMPORTS String FROM XSD{joint-iso-itu-t asn1(1) specification(0) modules(0) xsd-module(2) version1(1)} /* For a Version 2 mapping, the last component of the module identifier would be version2(2) */ ; Xyz-elem ::= [NAME AS UNCAPITALIZED] XSD.String Xyz-type ::= SEQUENCE { xyz-attr [ATTRIBUTE] BOOLEAN OPTIONAL } ENCODING-CONTROL XER GLOBAL-DEFAULTS MODIFIED-ENCODINGS GLOBAL-DEFAULTS CONTROL-NAMESPACE "http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" PREFIX "xsi" NAMESPACE ALL AS "http://example.com/xyz" PREFIX "xyz" END