-- Module SDH (G.774:02/2001)
-- See also ITU-T G.774 (02/2001)
-- See also the index of all ASN.1 assignments needed in this document

SDH {itu-t(0) recommendation(0) g(7) sdhm(774) informationModel(0)
  asn1Module(2) sdh(0)} DEFINITIONS IMPLICIT TAGS ::=

  NameType -- Recommendation M.3100
    FROM ASN1DefinedTypesModule {itu-t(0) recommendation(0) m(13) gnm(3100)
      informationModel(0) asn1Modules(2) asn1DefinedTypeModule(0)};

  {itu-t(0) recommendation(0) g(7) sdhm(774) informationModel(0)}

g774ObjectClass OBJECT IDENTIFIER ::= {g774 managedObjectClass(3)}

g774Attribute OBJECT IDENTIFIER ::= {g774 attribute(7)}

g774NameBinding OBJECT IDENTIFIER ::= {g774 nameBinding(6)}

Boolean ::= BOOLEAN

C2SignalLabel ::= INTEGER(0..255)

defaultNull Null ::= NULL

Null ::= NULL

Integer ::= INTEGER

OpticalReach ::= ENUMERATED {intraOffice(0), shortHaul(1), longHaul(2)}

OpticalWavelength ::= ENUMERATED {wl1310(0), wl1550(1)}

PathTrace ::= CHOICE {null       NULL,
                      pathtrace  [1]  GraphicString

-- Reffering to PointerSinkType. The ENUMERATED value of invalidPointer(2) 
-- should be used when a LOP condition exists or if the pointer value is unknown.
PointerSinkType ::= ENUMERATED {
  normalPointer(0), concatenationIndication(1), invalidPointer(2)}

PointerSourceType ::= ENUMERATED {normalPointer(0), concatenationIndication(1)}

TrailTraceReceiveSend ::= GraphicString

V5SignalLabel ::= INTEGER(0..7)

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