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The Secretariat of IEC TC 3 would like to provide some information on work already going on regarding metadata for document management, with reference to document MoU/MG/02 N88 Project proposal, Metadata for electronic commerce.

IEC TC3 and ISO TC10 set up a Joint Working Group, officially called: SC 3B/JWG 15: (IEC/SC TC3 - ISO/TC 10 JWG 15) - Management data (meta data) associated with documents, in 1999. The project was initiated form the IEC side and IEC is therefore responsible for the project.

This JWG has the following task:

  • To define management (meta) data associated with documents:

    • data element types
    • grouping of data element types
    • minimum set of data element types

  • To study the presentation of management data in documents, in order to give basic guidance about layout and rules for title block and/or document headers.

The JWG15 has so far produced one standard: IEC 82045-1 Document management - Part 1: Principles and methods, issued 2001-09. (The FDIS has been voted on and approved in both organisations.)

It is presently working on a second part: - Part 2: Reference collection of metadata and reference models. A CD has been ciculated for commenting, the comments have been discussed in the group and a second CD is intended to be circulated by the end of March this year.

This document is intended to contain:

  • A collection of approximately 100 metadata, to be used in the context of document management (Dublin Core is a minor subset of it). Each metadata is described by an identifier, language dependant name(s)/label(s), definition with reference to the following information model, and tag with reference to the included DTD. The need for these metadata is derived from the document management process model described in IEC 82045-1.
  • A reference information model, based primarily on document related material from the STEP APs (ISO 10303-232), and described in EXPRESS-G.
  • A reference XML DTD to be used i.a. for inclusion in XML based documents or exchange of metadata for document collections.

Although the aim of this work is primarily intended to cover the needs for technical document management - the group is involving expertise from e.g. the electrotechnical, manufacturing and civil engineering areas - it is practically covering most needs, appearing in a company or organisation working in those areas.

We are therefore convinced that this already issued standard, and the draft in preparation will be a substantial input to the proposed work.

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