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List of Diameter AVP Codes allocated by ITU-T

The following is the list of attribute-value pairs (AVP) codes allocated by ITU-T. User applications must include the ITU-T vendor-ID value 11502 in the associated Diameter AVP header for these AVPs.

Complete path to ITU-T vendor ID is {iso(1) identified-organization(3) dod(6) internet(1) private(4) enterprise(1) itu(11502)}.
An OID repository (as defined in ITU-T Rec. X.660-series) is available at, where ITU-T vendor ID was registered here.

An AVP corresponds to an Information Element in a Diameter message, of the Diameter Base Protocol defined in IETF RFC 3588.

AVP Code Attribute Name Specified in ITU-T Recommendation:
1001 QoS-Downgradable ITU-T Q.3301.1
1002 Dynamic-Firewall-Working-Mode
1003 Resource-Reservation-Mode
1004 Connection-Status-Timer
1005 SDP-Direction
1006 Operation-Indication
1007 TLM-PE-Identifier
1008 Restoration-Indication
1009 Downgraded-Indication
1010 PI-Request-Type ITU-T Q.3303.3
1011 PI-Request-Number
1012 Traffic-Descriptor-UL
1013 Traffic-Descriptor-DL
1014 Maximum-Burst-Size
1015 Committed-Data-Rate
1016 Committed-Burst-Size
1017 Excess-Burst-Size
1018 Removal-Cause
1019 Traffic-Information
1020 Multicast-ACL
1030 Access-Domain-Name ITU-T Q.3302.1
1031 Local-NACE-Contact-Point
1040 Keying-Material ITU-T Q.3230
1050 Mobility-Service-Parameters Draft Q.3232
1051 Home-TLM-PE-Contact-Point
1052 Local-TLM-PE-Contact-Point
1053 Security-Association
1054 Central-MLM-PE-Contact-Point
1055 Proxy-MLM-PE-Contact-Point
1056 Mobility-Protocol-Type
1057 Anchor-Point-Address
1058 Tunnel-End-Point-Address


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