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Table of Draft New/Revised Recommendations under AAP  

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Study Group: All  

SGRec #TitleLast Call (LC)Additional Review (AR)Study Group (SG)Current Status
LC StartLC EndLC ResultLJ ResultAR StartAR EndAR ResultAJ ResultSG DateSG Result
5K.44Resistibility tests for telecommunication equipment exposed to overvoltages and overcurrents - Basic Recommendation2019-06-162019-07-13LJLJ
5K.45Resistibility of telecommunication equipment installed in the access and trunk networks to overvoltages and overcurrents2019-06-162019-07-13LJLJ
5L.1022Circular Economy: Definitions and concepts for material efficiency for Information and Communication Technology2019-07-162019-08-12LJLJ
9J.1600Premium Cable Network Platform (PCNP) - Framework2019-07-012019-07-28LJLJ
12Y.1540Internet protocol data communication service - IP packet transfer and availability performance parameters2019-06-012019-06-28LJLJ
13Y.2775Functional architecture of deep packet inspection for future networks2019-07-162019-08-12LJLJ
13Y.3800Framework for Networks supporting Quantum Key Distribution2019-07-162019-08-12LJLJ
15G.671Transmission characteristics of optical components and subsystems2019-08-012019-08-28LC
15G.709/Y.1331 (2016) Cor.2Interfaces for the optical transport network: Corrigendum 22019-08-012019-08-28LC
15G.798 (2017) Amd.2Characteristics of optical transport network hierarchy equipment functional blocks - Amendment 22019-08-012019-08-28LC
15G.807Generic functional architecture of the optical media network2019-08-012019-08-28LC
15G.808.2Generic protection switching - ring protection2019-08-012019-08-28LC
15G.872Architecture of the Optical Transport network (OTN)2019-08-012019-08-28LC
15G.984.2Gigabit-capable Passive Optical Networks (GPON): Physical Media Dependent (PMD) layer specification2019-08-012019-08-28LC
15G.988 (2017) Amd.2ONU management and control interface (OMCI) specification: Amendment 22019-08-012019-08-28LC
15G.989.2 (2019) Cor.140-Gigabit-capable passive optical networks (NG PON2): Physical media dependent (PMD) layer specification: Corrigendum 12019-08-012019-08-28LC
15G.998.4 (2018) Cor.1Improved impulse noise protection for digital subscriber line (DSL) transceivers - Corrigendum 12019-08-012019-08-28LC
15G.7041/Y.1303 (2016) Amd.1Generic framing procedure - Amendment 12019-08-012019-08-28LC
15G.7710/Y.1701Common equipment management function requirements2019-08-012019-08-28LC
15G.7712/Y.1703Architecture and specification of data communication network2019-08-012019-08-28LC
15G.8013/Y.1731 (2015) Cor.2Operation, administration and maintenance (OAM) functions and mechanisms for Ethernet-based networks - Corrigendum 22019-08-012019-08-28LC
15G.8021/Y.1341 (2018) Cor.1Characteristics of Ethernet transport network equipment functional blocks - Corrigendum 12019-08-012019-08-28LC
15G.8132/Y.1383 (2017) Cor.1MPLS-TP shared ring protection - Corrigendum 12019-08-012019-08-28LC
15G.8133Dual-Homing Protection for MPLS-TP Pseudowires2019-08-012019-08-28LC
15G.8261/Y.1361Timing and synchronization aspects in packet networks2019-08-012019-08-28LC
15G.8262.1/Y.1362.1 (2019) Amd.1Timing characteristics of enhanced synchronous equipment slave clock: Amendment 12019-08-012019-08-28LC
15G.8265.1/Y.1365.1 (2014) Amd.1Precision time protocol telecom profile for frequency synchronization -Amendment 12019-08-012019-08-28LC
15G.8271.1/Y.1366.1 (2017) Amd.2Network limits for time synchronization in Packet networks - Amendment 22019-08-012019-08-28LC
15G.8272.1/Y.1367.1 (2016) Amd.2Timing characteristics of enhanced primary reference time clocks -Amendment 22019-08-012019-08-28LC
15G.8273.2/Y.1368.2Timing characteristics of telecom boundary clocks and telecom time slave clocks2019-08-012019-08-28LC
15G.8275/Y.1369 (2017) Amd.2Architecture and requirements for packet-based time and phase distribution - Amendment 22019-08-012019-08-28LC
15G.8275.1/Y.1369.1 (2016) Amd.3Precision time protocol telecom profile for phase/time synchronization with full timing support from the network -Amendment 32019-08-012019-08-28LC
15G.8275.2/Y.1369.2 (2016) Amd.3Precision time protocol telecom profile for phase/time synchronization with partial timing support from the network2019-08-012019-08-28LC
15G.9701 (2019) Amd.1Fast access to subscriber terminals ( - Physical layer specification - Amendment 12019-08-012019-08-28LC
15G.9701 (2019) Cor.1Fast access to subscriber terminals ( - Physical layer specification - Corrigendum 12019-08-012019-08-28LC
15G.9803 (2018) Amd.1Radio over fibre systems - Amendment 12019-08-012019-08-28LC
15G.9804.1Higher Speed Passive Optical Networks: Requirements2019-08-012019-08-28LC
15G.9960 (2018) Amd.1Unified high-speed wire-line based home networking transceivers - System architecture and physical layer specification: Amendment 1C
15G.9960 (2018) Cor.1Unified high-speed wire-line based home networking transceivers - System architecture and physical layer specification: Corrigendum 1C
15G.9961 (2018) Amd.1Unified high-speed wireline-based home networking transceivers - Data link layer specification: Amendment 1C
15G.9961 (2018) Cor.1Unified high-speed wireline-based home networking transceivers - Data link layer specification: Corrigendum 1C
15L.208Requirements for passive optical nodes: Fibre Distribution Box2019-08-012019-08-28LC
20Y.4459An architecture for IoT interoperability2019-01-162019-02-12LJLJ
20Y.4904Smart sustainable cities maturity model2019-01-162019-02-12LJAR2019-05-162019-06-05SG2019-12-06SG
Total 44 Recommendations under AAP
Note: AAP Status Code
  A - Approved  LC - Last Call
  AC - Approved with Substantial Changes  LJ - Last Call Judgment (includes Last Call Comment resolution)
  AJ - Additional Review Judgment  NA - Not Approved
  AR - Additional Review  RI - Re-Initiate Last Call
  AT - Approved with Typographical Corrections  SG - Referred to Study Group Approval
  C - Consented  TAP - Moved to TAP (ITU-T A.8 / §5.2)