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Table of Draft New/Revised Recommendations under AAP  

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Study Group: All  

SGRec #TitleLast Call (LC)Additional Review (AR)Study Group (SG)Current Status
LC StartLC EndLC ResultLJ ResultAR StartAR EndAR ResultAJ ResultSG DateSG Result
5L.1030E- Waste management framework for countriesC
5L.1207Progressive migration of a telecommunication/information and communication technology site to 400 VDC sources and distribution2018-04-162018-05-13LC
5L.1222Innovative energy storage technology for stationary use - Part 3: Supercapacitor technology2018-04-162018-05-13LC
5L.1351Base station site energy parameter measurement methodologyC
5L.1450Methodologies for the assessment of the environmental impact of the information and communication technology sector2018-04-162018-05-13LC
5L.1460Connect 2020 greenhouse gases emissions – Guidelines2018-04-162018-05-13LC
12E.831Customer experience management index for popular services in operators' network to score service quality that customer experience in terms of key network performance parameters2017-10-012017-10-28LJSG2018-05-10SG
13Y.3601Big data - framework and requirements for data exchange2017-12-162018-01-12LJAR2018-04-162018-05-06AR
15G.695Optical interfaces for coarse wavelength division multiplexing applications2018-02-162018-03-15LJLJ
15G.709/Y.1331 (2016) Amd.2Interfaces for the optical transport network (OTN): Amendment 22018-02-162018-03-15LJLJ
15G.709.1/Y.1331.1Flexible OTN short-reach interface2018-02-162018-03-15LJLJ
15G.709.2OTU4 long-reach interface2018-02-162018-03-15LJLJ
15G.709.3Flexible OTN long-reach interface2018-02-162018-03-15LJLJ
15G.798 (2017) Amd.1Characteristics of optical transport network hierarchy equipment functional blocks2018-02-162018-03-15LJLJ
15G.798 (2017) Cor.1Characteristics of optical transport network hierarchy equipment functional blocks - Corrigendum 12018-02-162018-03-15LJLJ
15G.959.1Optical transport networks physical layer interfaces2018-02-162018-03-15LJLJ
15G.984.5 (2014) Amd.1Gigabit-capable passive optical networks (G-PON): Enhancement band - Amendment 12018-02-162018-03-15LJAR2018-04-162018-05-06AR
15G.993.2 (2015) Amd.4Very high speed digital subscriber line transceivers 2 (VDSL2) - Amendment 42018-02-162018-03-19LJAR2018-04-162018-05-06AR
15G.996.2 (2009) Amd.6Single-ended line testing for digital subscriber lines (DSL): Amendment 62018-02-162018-03-15LJLJ
15G.996.2 (2009) Cor.1Single-ended line testing for digital subscriber lines (DSL): Corrigendum 12018-02-162018-03-15LJLJ
15G.997.1 (2016) Amd.2Physical layer management for digital subscriber line transceivers - Amendment 22018-02-162018-03-15LJLJ
15G.997.2 (2015) Amd.5Physical layer management for transceivers: Amendment 52018-02-162018-03-15LJLJ
15G.8021/Y.1341Characteristics of Ethernet transport network equipment functional blocks2018-02-162018-03-15LJLJ
15G.8023Characteristics of equipment functional blocks supporting Ethernet physical layer and FlexE interfaces2018-02-162018-03-15LJLJ
15G.9701 (2014) Amd.5Fast access to subscriber terminals ( - Physical layer specification: Amendment 52018-02-162018-03-15LJLJ
15G.9701 (2014) Cor.5Fast access to subscriber terminals ( - Physical layer specification: Corrigendum 52018-02-162018-03-15LJLJ
15G.9961 (2015) Amd.4Unified high-speed wire-line based home networking transceivers - Data link layer specification: Amendment 42018-02-162018-03-15LJLJ
15G.9961 (2015) Cor.5Unified high-speed wire-line based home networking transceivers - Data link layer specification: Corrigendum 52018-02-162018-03-15LJLJ
17X.680 Amd.1Information technology – Abstract Syntax Notation One (ASN.1): Specification of basic notation Amendment 12018-04-162018-05-13LC
17X.680 Cor.3Information technology - Abstract Syntax Notation One (ASN.1): Specification of basic notation Technical Corrigendum 32018-04-162018-05-13LC
17X.681 Cor.1Information technology - Abstract Syntax Notation One (ASN.1): Information object specificationTechnical Corrigendum 12018-04-162018-05-13LC
17X.682 Cor.2Information technology - Abstract Syntax Notation One (ASN.1): Constraint specification - Technical Corrigendum 22018-04-162018-05-13LC
17X.683 Cor.1Information technology - Abstract Syntax Notation One (ASN.1): Parameterization of ASN.1 specifications Technical Corrigendum 12018-04-162018-05-13LC
17X.696 Cor.3Information technology - ASN.1 encoding rules: Specification of Octet Encoding Rules (OER) Corrigendum 32018-04-162018-05-13LC
17X.1041Security framework for voice-over-long-term-evolution (VoLTE) network operation2018-04-162018-05-13LC
17X.1080.1 reve-Health and world-wide telemedicines - Generic telecommunication protocol2018-04-162018-05-13LC
17X.1276Authentication Step-Up Protocol and Metadata Version 1.02018-04-162018-05-13LC
20Y.4118Internet of Things requirements and technical capabilities for support of accounting and charging2018-02-012018-02-28LJLJ
20Y.4500.4oneM2M- Service Layer Core Protocol Specification2018-02-012018-02-28LJLJ
20Y.4500.5oneM2M- Management enablement (OMA)2018-02-012018-02-28LJLJ
20Y.4500.6oneM2M Management enablement (BBF)2018-02-012018-02-28LJLJ
20Y.4500.8oneM2M- CoAP Protocol Binding2018-02-012018-02-28LJLJ
20Y.4500.9oneM2M- HTTP Protocol Binding2018-02-012018-02-28LJLJ
20Y.4500.10oneM2M- MQTT Protocol Binding2018-02-012018-02-28LJLJ
20Y.4500.11oneM2M- Common Terminology2018-02-012018-02-28LJLJ
20Y.4500.12oneM2M Base Ontology2018-02-012018-02-28LJLJ
20Y.4500.13oneM2M- Interoperability Testing2018-02-012018-02-28LJLJ
20Y.4500.14oneM2M- LwM2M Interworking2018-02-012018-02-28LJLJ
20Y.4500.15oneM2M- Testing framework2018-02-012018-02-28LJLJ
20Y.4500.20oneM2M- WebSocket Protocol Binding2018-02-012018-02-28LJLJ
20Y.4500.23oneM2M-Home Appliances Information Model and Mapping2018-02-012018-02-28LJLJ
Total 51 Recommendations under AAP
Note: AAP Status Code
  A - Approved  LC - Last Call
  AC - Approved with Substantial Changes  LJ - Last Call Judgment (includes Last Call Comment resolution)
  AJ - Additional Review Judgment  NA - Not Approved
  AR - Additional Review  RI - Re-Initiate Last Call
  AT - Approved with Typographical Corrections  SG - Referred to Study Group Approval
  C - Consented  TAP - Moved to TAP (ITU-T A.8 / §5.2)