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>> Study Group 17 : Security, languages and telecommunication software
Question 16/17 - Internationalized Domain Names
  1. Motivation

    The World Telecommunication Standardization Assembly (Florianópolis, 2004) in Resolution 48 instructed Study Group 17 (Security, languages and telecommunication software) to study Internationalized Domain Names (IDN). The belief is that IDN implementation will contribute to easier and greater use of the Internet in those countries where the native or official languages are not represented in ASCII characters.

  2. Question

    a. What are the national, regional and international experiences of ITU Member States, ITU-T Sector Members and other relevant entities in the field of IDN?

    b. What are the IDN needs of ITU Member States and Sector Members and how can those needs be addressed, taking into consideration the current IETF and ICANN work on IDN?

    c. What telecommunication network standardization activity is required with regards to IDN that may be needed in the form of ITU-T Recommendations or other ITU-T outputs?

  3. Tasks

    a. Establish necessary liaison mechanisms with the relevant study groups and appropriate entities for this area of study.

    b. Develop a circular letter to identify the Member States and Sector Members issues and experiences with respect to IDN.

    c. Develop an analysis by which responses to circular letter could be categorized to identify issues and needs related to IDN, and gather experiences in the use of IDN.

    d. In consultation with relevant entities develop a list of existing technical documentation stating the fundamentals of IDN to assist Member States and Sector Members in identifying their relevant issues and needs. This may include, but is not limited to:

    - documentation relating to telecommunication network security risks accompanying implementation of IDN,
    - issues regarding the use of regional language tables.

    e. Encourage contributions on multilingual issues relevant to IDN.

    f. Identify deployment scenarios for IDN and options for assisting Member States and linguistic groups of Member States in their deployment actions; in doing so current deployment scenarios should be examined.

    g. Provide documentation regarding languages currently standardized for deployment, those languages under standardization development and those not yet under consideration for standardization.

    h. Provide an annual progress report to assist the Director of TSB for use in his annual report to Council regarding activities on Resolution 48.

  4. Relationships

    Questions: Q.5/17, Q.6/17, Q.7/17
    Study Groups: SG 2 (Q.1/2)
    Standardization bodies: IETF, ISO/IEC
    Other bodies: ICANN, UNICODE Consortium, CENTR


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