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ITU-T Study Group 16 (Study Period 2005-2008)
List of Questions under Study
Questions Title Status
1/16 Multimedia systems, terminals and data conferencing Continuation of Q.1/16 and part of Q.G/16
2/16 Real-Time Audio, Video, and Data Communication over Packet-Switched Networks Continuation of Questions D/16 and 2/16, and part of Question 3/16
3/16 Multimedia Gateway Control Architectures and Protocols Continuation of Q.3/16
4/16 Advanced multimedia communication service features on top of the ITU-T defined multimedia system platforms Continuation of Q.4/16
5/16 Control of NAT and Firewall Traversal for H.300-Series Multimedia Systems Continuation of Q.5/16
6/16 Visual coding Continuation of Q.6/16
8/16 Generic Sound Activity Detection New Question
9/16 Variable Bit Rate Coding of Speech Signals Continuation of Q.9/16
10/16 Software tools for signal processing standardization activities and maintenance and extension of existing voice coding standards Continuation of Q.10/16
11/16 Voiceband Modems and Protocols: Specification and Performance Evaluation Continuation of Qs 11, 12 and 13/16
12/16 Advanced multimedia system for NGN and future packet based networks New Question
13/16 Multimedia application platforms and end systems for IPTV New Question
14/16 Facsimile terminals (Group 3 and Group 4): Specification and Performance Evaluation Continuation of Q.14/16
15/16 Circuit multiplication equipment and systems Continuation of 5/15
16/16 Speech enhancement in signal processing network equipment Continuation of 6/15
17/16 Voice gateway equipment Continuation of 7/15
18/16 Interaction aspects of signal processing network equipment Continuation of 8/15
20/16 (A/16) Mediacom Continuation of Q.A/16
21/16 (B/16) Multimedia Architecture Continuation of Q.B/16
22/16 (C/16) Multimedia applications and services Continuation of Q.C/16
23/16 (E/16) Media coding Continuation of Q.E/16 and parts of Questions 7, 8 and 15/16
24/16 (F/16) Quality of Service and End-to-end Performance in Multimedia Systems Continuation of Q.F/16
25/16 (G/16) Multimedia Security in Next-Generation Networks (NGN-MM-SEC) Continuation of Q.G/16
26/16 (H/16) Accessibility to Multimedia Systems and Services Continuation of Q.H/16
28/16 (J/16) Multimedia framework for e-health applications Continuation of Q.J/16
29/16 (K/16) Mobility for Multimedia Systems and Services Continuation of Q.5/16


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