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 ITU-T Study Group 12 (Study Period 2005-2008)
 Structure of the informal FTP area and e-mail mailing lists  
Structure of SG 12 informal FTP area Archives Address of e-mail mailing lists
  • Temporary Documents (TD)
  • Delayed Contributions (D)
  • Liaison Statements (LS)
  • Working Documents (WD)
  • Info
  • other documents
These documents are a mirror of the meeting documents in DMS. They are also available in the informal FTP areas for participants who prefer FTP access. These documents are in the /documents folder and are grouped by meeting dates as requested by TSAG WP3.
  gen   tsg12gen
General distribution list for SG 12
  edh   tsg12edh
SG 12 Electronic Document Handling issues
  q1   tsg12q1
Work programme, Definitions, Handbooks, Guides and Tutorials
    q1-Part 1 tsg12q1p1
Work programme
    q1-Part 2 tsg12q1p2
Definitions, Handbooks, Guides and Tutorials
    q1-Part 3 tsg12q1p3
Bridging the gap
  q15   tsg12q15
QoS and performance coordination
  wp1      Telephonometry, terminals and subjective assessment
    gen tsg12wp1
Telephonometry and terminals
    q3 tsg12q3
Speech transmission characteristics of speech terminals for fixed circuit-switched, mobile and packet-switched (IP) networks
    q4 tsg12q4
Hands-free communication in vehicles
    q5 tsg12q5
Telephonometric methodologies for handset and headset terminals
    q6 tsg12q6
Analysis methods using complex measurement signals including their application for speech enhancement techniques and hands-free telephony
    q7 tsg12q7
Methods, tools and test plans for the subjective assessment of speech and audio quality

Performance, planning and tools
    gen tsg12wp2
Performance, planning and assessment
    q8 tsg12q8
Extension of the E-Model

    q9 tsg12q9
Perceptual-based objective methods for voice, audio and visual quality measurements in telecommunication services
    q10 tsg12q10
Transmission planning and performance considerations for voiceband, data and multimedia services
    q12 tsg12q12
Performance evaluation of services based on speech technology

    q14 tsg12q14
In-service non-intrusive assessment of voice transmission performance
    q18 tsg12q18
Transmission error and availability performance
    q20 tsg12q20
Objective assessment of conversational speech quality in networks
  wp3     IP-related QoS and resource management
    gen tsg12wp3
IP-related QoS and resource management
    q2 tsg12q2
Speech transmission characteristics and measurement methods for terminals and gateways interfacing packet-switched (IP) networks
    q11 tsg12q11
QoS interworking and appointment of performance parameter values between networks
    q13 tsg12q13
Multimedia QoS/QoE performance requirements and assessment methods

    q16 tsg12q16
Broadband and IP-related resource management
    q17 tsg12q17
Performance of IP-based networks
    q19 tsg12q19
Call processing performance
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