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>> Study Group 4 : Telecommunication Management
Question 2/4 - Designations for interconnections among network operators
(Continuation of Question 2/4 (2001-2004); revised text)
  1. Motivation

    1. Existing technologies and management services and functions are not completely covered by designations in Recommendations M.1400 and M.1401.
    2. New services and techniques, such as IP, together with additional needs in the fields of maintenance and operation require additional designations and related information.
    3. Automated management through TMN should be supported by up-to-date designations for computer use and presentations at the human-computer interface.
    4. Designations should support data interchange among both international and national operators. These data may not be restricted to data about network resources.
    5. Network technologies and services that previously were outside the scope of Recommendation M.1400, e.g., Hybrid Fibre Coax (HFC), need to be designated because of the need to support data interchange among operators within the access network.

  2. Question

    Study items to be considered include, but are not limited to:
    What designations are required for interconnections among network operators?

  3. Tasks

    Tasks include, but are not limited to:
    1. Identify additions or changes to designations and related information that are needed to support additional technologies, services and automated management of data interchange among both international and national operators, including:
      • Statistical multiplexing
      • SDH subnetworks, links, link connections
      • Submarine cables
      • Radio and satellite links, etc.
      • Optical ring configurations
      • Access networks and technologies
      • Management services
    2. Develop a strategy and guidelines to convert interoperator communication from Recommendation M.1400 to Recommendation M.1401
    3. Extend Recommendation M.1401, Formalisation of Interconnection Designations to:
      • Include data types
      • Include examples
      • Include methodology
      • Formalize mapping to TMN specifications, e.g., Recommendation M.3100
      • Map to regional alternatives, e.g., COMMON LANGUAGE-based American National Standards
      • Extend notation to cover references and data types
      • Address Recommendation M.1401 Appendix II Remarks
  5. Relationships

    All WPs of SG 4
    - SG 13
    - SG 2
    - SG17


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