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>> Study Group 4 : Telecommunication Management
Question 11/4
Protocols and Security for Management
(Continuation of Question 18/4 and part of Question 17/4 (2001-2004))

1 Motivation

The telecommunications management network (TMN) has established architecture and interfaces for exchanging management information between network elements and management systems and between management systems. The management applications and interfaces are influenced by new transport technologies in wireline and wireless networks. New technologies introduced in the access and core networks, the convergence of voice, data and video services and introduction of control plane in automatic switched optical networks are all influencing factors.

These technologies and services evolution imposes requirements on both the protocol capabilities and security considerations when the management traffic is exchanged on the same networks with data traffic. In addition, it is necessary to determine how to take advantage of Distributed Object Technology and other new e-commerce based solutions in extending the protocol specifications. These solutions encompass the use of multiple Telecommunications and IT infrastructure paradigms, for secure communication of Network and Systems Management information between Managing and Managed Systems. Because the management of network security is critical to telecommunications infrastructure, solutions should include management of security functions.

This Question is responsible for the maintenance of OSI Systems Management and TMN Q and X interface Protocol Recommendations. These are: X.710, X.711, Q.811, Q.812, and Q.814 Recommendations.

This Question is responsible for the maintenance of Security of Management and Management of Security Recommendations. These are: M.3016 Series, X.736, X.740, X.741, M.3210.1, Q.813, Q.815, and Q.817 Recommendations.

Close cooperation is required with other ITU Questions dealing with the development of control and management plane requirements as well as service features for signalling and switching control.

2 Question

Study items to be considered include, but are not limited to:

What external standards are applicable for the work below.

What security mechanisms and protocols are required to support security of management in a converged and next generation networks?

What management mechanisms and protocols are required to support management of security in a converged and next generation networks?

What new Recommendations and enhancements to existing Recommendations are required to meet the current and future protocol requirements for the management of new technologies and next generation networks? In particular:

How do the requirements for Management Communications Network and Signalling Communications network are aligned when the same protocols are used in the network layer?

Are there new services and extensions required for the distributed processing support currently included in the protocol specifications for TMN

What protocol support and support services required to exchange management information adopting e-commerce based solutions as defined by tML framework in Recommendation M.3030, following the requirements of Q7/4?

What new TMN protocols are needed to support management of new classes of network elements, networks and services in a converged also known as next generation networks?

What additional interworking mechanisms are required to support the integration of elements managed with special and general purpose (define in Recommendation M.3017) paradigms into the TMN?

What protocol security mechanisms are required to support management in a converged network?

What is required to handle defects in published Recommendations, including progression of draft technical Corrigenda for X.710 and 711? The X.700 Implementers’ Guide will be re-issued at each study group meeting as necessary.

3 Tasks

Tasks include, but are not limited to:

Evolve M.3016 Series Recommendations. Ongoing
Develop Management of Security Recommendations augmenting existing Security Recommendations. Expected: 2007
Revisions of Recommendation Q.811 and Q.812 to incorporate management communications network requirements currently included in G.7712. Expected: 2007
Develop interworking recommendations when multiple paradigms are supported by network elements in multiple networks. Expected: 2007
Revision of Recommendations Q.811 and Q.812 to address protocol requirements of tML based on existing external XML based network management standards. Expected: 2007
Development of conformance pro-forma for protocol stacks to support tML. Expected: TBD

4 Relationships

- Study Groups 17 (lead SG on telecommunication security), 13 and 15.
- Appropriate regional standards bodies, including ATIS TMOC.
- OMG, TM Forum, MFA Forum, DSL Forum, W3C, ETSI TISPAN, and 3GPP.


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