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Question F/17 - Open Systems Interconnection (OSI)
(continuation of parts of Questions 2/17 and 11/17 studied during 2001-2004)

1. Motivation

The work on the base Recommendations for Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) has been completed. This includes work on OSI reference model; upper layer (Application, Presentation and Session) structure, services and protocols; and lower layer (Transport, Network, Data Link and Physical) structure, services and protocols. Also mature is the work on Message Handling; Reliable Transfer; Remote Operations; Commitment, Concurrency and Recovery (CCR); and Transaction Processing.

Systems based on these OSI Recommendations may be implemented over a relatively long period of time. Operational experience with implemented systems based on these Recommendations may lead to the discovery of technical errors or desirable enhancements to these Recommendations. Therefore there is a need for ongoing maintenance of X-series OSI Recommendations.

These Recommendations are:

a) OSI Architecture – X.200, X.210, X.220, X.630, X.650

b) Message Handling – F.400, F.401, F.410, F.415, F.420, F.421, F.423, F.435, F.440, F.471, F.472, X.400, X.402, X.404, X.408, X.411, X.412, X.413, X.419, X.420, X.421, X.435, X.440, X.445, X.446, X.460, X.462, X.467, X.481, X.482, X.483, X.484, X.485, X.486, X.487, X.488

c) Transaction Processing – X.860, X.861, X.862, X.863

d) Commitment, Concurrency and Recovery (CCR) – X.851, X.852, X.853

e) Remote Operations – X.219, X.229, X.249, X.880, X.881, X.882.

f) Reliable Transfer – X.218, X.228, X.248

g) Upper Layers – X.287, X.637, X.638, X.639

h) Application Layer – X.207, X.217, X.217 bis, X.227, X.227 bis, X.237, X.237 bis, X.247, X.257

i) Presentation Layer – X.216, X.226, X.236, X.246, X.256

j) Session Layer – X.215, X.225, X.235, X.245, X.255

k) Lower Layers – X.260

l) Transport Layer – X.214, X.224, X.234, X.264, X.274, X.284, X.634

m) Network Layer – X.213, X.223, X.233, X.263, X.273, X.283, X.610, X.612, X.613, X.614, X.622, X.623, X.625, X.633

n) Data link Layer – X.212, X.222, X.282

o) Physical Layer – X.211, X.281

p) Quality of service – X.641, X.642

NOTE 1 – The X.290-X.299 series on Conformance Testing is under the responsibility of Question Q/17

NOTE 2 – The X.500-X.599 series on the Directory is under the responsibility of Question E/17

NOTE 3 – The X.600-X.609 series on Multi-peer Communications is under the responsibility of Question D/17

NOTE 4 – The X.660-X.679 series on Registration Authorities is under the responsibility of Question M/17

NOTE 5 – The X.680-X.699 series on ASN.1 is under the responsibility of Question M/17

NOTE 6 – The X.700-X.799 series of Recommendations on Systems Management is under the responsibility of Study Group 4

NOTE 5 – The X.800-X.849 series of Recommendations on Security is under the responsibility of Question H/17

2. Question

Continue maintenance of:

a) OSI architecture and individual layer Recommendations to provide any needed enhancements and to resolve any reported defects.

b) Message Handling Service and Systems, Reliable Transfer, Remote Operations, CCR, and Transaction Processing to provide any needed enhancements and to resolve any reported defects.

Close collaboration and liaison with other Study Groups and other international groups implementing OSI is highly desirable to ensure the widest applicability of resulting Recommendations.
This work is to be carried out in collaboration with the ISO/IEC JTC 1.

3. Tasks

Develop corrections or enhancements to OSI Recommendations, as needed, based on received contributions.

4. Relationships

Recommendations: X.290-X.299 series, X.500-X.599 series, X.600-X.609 series, X.660﷓X.699 series, X.700-X.799 series and X.800-X.849 series

Questions: 17/4, D/17, E/17, H/17, K/17, M/14 and Q/17

Study Groups: ITU-T SGs 4, 11 and 13

Standardization bodies: ISO/IEC JTC 1


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