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Question C/17 - Protocols and Service Mechanisms for Multi-Service Data Networks (MSDN)

(continuation of Q.7/17 studied during 2001-2004)

1. Motivation

This Question is intended to provide protocols and service mechanisms for support of multi-service data networks (MSDN). Ethernet MAC, RPR MAC and other telecommunication channels have been deployed already and are continuing to develop all over the world. Multiple Service Ring based on RPR, is a multi﷓service Metro network technology that can also be used in various topologies. This Question addresses how to make use of these existing broadband resources effectively to provide multi-service data network applications. This Question provides the protocols and service mechanisms for MSDN. The new Recommendations will be suited for the existing multi-service data networks and various MAC (Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, RPR) engineering applications.

Existing Recommendations: X.85/Y.1321, X.86/Y.1323, X.87/Y.1324

2. Question

This Question develops Recommendations with respect to protocols and service mechanisms for MSDN. The associated work will be handled and progressed in co-operation with other study groups, the IETF, IEEE 802, MEF, etc. The scope includes: 

a) Maintenance of X.85/Y.1321 and X.86/Y.1323, Update and extension of X.87/Y.1324;

b) Progress draft Recommendation X.msr, including associated Ethernet/Gigabit Ethernet/10G Ethernet aspects;

c) Develop Requirements for MSDN, areas of study and development include:

  • Identification of market needs
  • architectural considerations, for L2 data networks;
  • multi-service multicast aspects;
  • Ethernet UNI and NNI aspects.
d) Enhance existing packet protocols or, if required, develop new packet protocols to support the developed MSDN requirements, including service mechanisms;

e) Develop associated MIBs (Management Information Base) to support item d).

3. Tasks
  • Maintain and/or extend current Recommendations 
  • New Recommendations according to the items under study. 
4. Relationships

Recommendations:  -
Questions:  -
Study Groups: ITU-T SGs 4, 11, 13 and 15

Standardization bodies: ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 6; IETF; IEEE 802 Committee; and Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF)


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