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Question B/17 - Public Data Networks

(continuation of Questions 1/17, 3/17, 4/17, 6/17 and part of Question 2/17 studied during 2001-2004)

1. Motivation

Continue the studies on data networks and data transmission relating to PDNs and ISDNs, especially in light of new emerging technologies. As NGN emerges in the future, there is a need to prepare for new data capabilities within dedicated networks in terms of higher throughput and/or functionalities.

The work on many Recommendations for data networks has been completed and the Recommendations are mature. This includes much of the work on leased circuit, circuit-switched, and X.25 packet-switched public data networks. Systems based on these data network Recommendations may be implemented over a relatively long period of time. Operational experience with implemented systems based on these Recommendations may lead to the discovery of technical errors or desirable enhancements to these Recommendations. Therefore there is a need for ongoing maintenance of X-series data network Recommendations.

These Recommendations are:

a) Service and operational principles – F.600

b) User classes of service and optional user facilities – X.1, X.2

c) DTE/DCE interfaces and access – X.3, X.5, X.8, X.20, X.20 bis, X.21, X.21 , X.22, X.25, X.28, X.29, X.30, X.31, X.32, X.33, X.34, X.35, X.37, X.38, X.39, X.42, X.45, X.46

d) Structure of signals – X.4

e) Technical characteristics of data transmission services – X.7

f) Interchange circuits – X.24

g) Signalling interfaces – X.60, X.70, X.71, X.75, X.77, X.78, X.80, X.81, X.82

h) Multicast – X.6, X.48, X.49

i) Hypothetical reference connections – X.92

j) Call progress signals – X.96

k) Routing – X.110, X.111, X.115, X.116

l) Numbering and numbering plan interworking – X.121, X.122, X.123, X.124, X.125

m) Quality of Service – X.130, X.131, X.134, X.135, X.136, X.137, X.138, X.139, X.140, X.141

n) Maintenance testing – X.150

o) Administrative arrangements – X.180, X.181

p) Interworking – X.300, X.301, X.302, X.305, X.320, X.321, X.322, X.323, X.324, X.325, X.326, X.327, X.328, X.329, X.340, X.350, X.351, X.352, X.353, X.361, X.371

NOTE 1 – Recommendations X.26 (V.10) and X.27 (V.11) are under the responsibility of Study Group 16.

NOTE 2 – Recommendations X.50, X.50 bis, X.51, X.51 bis, X.52, X.53, X.54, X.55, X.56, X.57 and X.58 are under the responsibility of Study Group 15.

NOTE 3 – Recommendations X.160, X.161, X.162, X.163, X.170, X.171 are under the responsibility of Study Group 4.

2. Question

a) What aspects of technologies, such GII, NGN, IP, LANs/WANs, wireless and mobile services including IMT-2000, multicast, high rate data transmission, need to be accommodated in data network Recommendations ?

b) What new or revised Recommendations are needed to meet requirements and services for new data capabilities within dedicated networks ?

c) What administrative procedures are needed for the allocation of DNICs for Telecommunications for Disaster Relief ?

d) What corrections or enhancements are needed to X-series data network Recommendations ?

3. Tasks

Develop revised or new X-series data network Recommendations, as needed, based on received contributions.

4. Relationships

Recommendations: Q.933, Q.933 bis, X.36, X.76, X.84, X.142, X.144-X.149, X.151, X.272; E-series numbering Recommendations

Questions: A/17, C/17 and D/17
Study Groups: ITU-T SGs 2, 11, 12, 13, 15 and 16

Standardization bodies: ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 6


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