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Question A/17 - Frame Relay

(continuation of Question 5/17 and parts of Questions 2/17 and 10/17 studied during 2001-2004)

1. Motivation

Continue the studies on frame relay data networks and the interworking of frame relay networks with other networks.

This study includes all aspects of frame relay including service definition, numbering, routing, performance and quality of service, operations and maintenance, DTE/DCE interfaces, network-to-network interfaces, and interworking.

These studies include the maintenance of and enhancements to Recommendations Q.933, Q.933bis, X.36, X.76, X.84, X.142, X.144, X.145, X.146, X.147, X.148, X.149, X.151 and X.272 and the development of new Recommendations as needed.

2. Question

What new Recommendations or enhancements to existing Recommendations are needed regarding frame relay and MPLS networks:

a) to complete the work on frame relay - MPLS interworking;

b) for switched frame relay to ATM signalling interworking using MPLS;

c) on definition , protocols, and procedures for frame relay to MPLS control and management plane interworking;

d) to enhance the frame relay - ATM interworking;

e) to provide for frame relay - Ethernet interworking;

f) to further elaborate quality of service and OAM aspects;

g) to define and specify layer 2 to MPLS service mediation;

h) to cover enhancements or the addition of new functions based on market requirements ?

These work efforts will be done in close cooperation with the MPLS and Frame Relay Alliance.

3. Tasks

Updated or new Recommendations as required.

4. Relationships

Recommendations: X-series, Q-series, and I-series
Questions: B/17 and C/17
Study Groups: ITU-T SGs 2, 11, 12 and 13
Standardization bodies: ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 6; MPLS and Frame Relay Alliance; IETF


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