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ITU-T Study Group 9 - Last meeting results concerning Recommendations (Study Period 2001-2004)

1. Last meeting results concerning Recommendations
Decision made on 14 May 2004 Meeting of Study Group 9 (Geneva, 10-14 May 2004)

a) Recommendations consented for Last Call (AAP – Recommendation A.8)1
ITU-T Rec. No. Title Status Question
J.127 (J.tcpweb)  Transmission protocol for multimedia Webcasting over TCP/IP networks A 15/9
J.181 Rev.1 Digital program insertion cueing message for cable television systems A11/9
J.193 (J.stb-req)  Requirements for the next generation set-top-boxes A 9/9
J.2012 Harmonization of declarative content format for interactive TV applications  A 8/9
J.240 (J.ssot)  Framework for remote monitoring of transmitted picture Signal-to-Noise ratio using spread-spectrum and orthogonal transform A 2,4,21/9
J.600 (J.tlsdi) Transport of Large Screen Digital Imagery (LSDI) applications that employ MPEG-2 encoded HDTV signals A 22/9

b) Recommendation Determined for Traditional Approval Process (TAP - Resolution 1)
ITU-T Rec. No. Title Status Question
J.260 (J.tdr) Requirements for preferential telecommunications over IPCablecom networks N 13/9

c) Corrigendum adopted

ITU-T Rec.No. Title Question
J.200 Worldwide common core - Application environment for digital interactive television services


2. Last meeting results concerning Recommendations

Revised Questions approved



Reason for revision


Voice and Video IP Applications over cable television networks

Extension to the reach of cable networks using broadband wireless technologies


The extension of cable-based services over broadband in Home Networks

Extension to security mechanism, content protection mechanisms etc. for the home network


Transmission of multichannel analogue and/or digital television signals over optical access networks

Extension to the scope related to IP based systems


IP transport for streaming or transfer of very large files containing television and audio signals over contribution or primary distribution networks

Extension to cover Internet protocols for transmitting extremely large files and the title modified


Transmission of Large Screen Digital Imagery programmes for contribution and distribution purposes

Revision in conformity with the technology studied in ITU-R Q.15-1/6 and clarification of the scope of the Question

(1) Approved on 29 June 2004 (AAP Announcement 80) 
(2) Approved on 14 July  2004 (AAP Announcement 81)


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