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BR IFIC (Space services) - Database description

The data that have been published in the satellite network filing (special section or part) for each BRIFIC are contained in databases distributed together with the BRIFIC. 

The detail characteristics of the network (Appendix 4 data) can be found in the IFICxxxx.mdb for filings in the non-planned bands, in the SPS.mdb and Appendix 30B FSS Plan datatabase for filings in the planned bands. For browsing or printing these databases, it is recommended to use software distributed by the BR (BRsoft).

The graphical information (antenna gain contour diagrams, service areas, antenna gain vs GSO orbit) associated with each satellite network filing are contained in the GIMS database. The database is distributed in entirety in the BR IFIC DVD-ROM. For more information, please see the GIMS software page. 

As required by Resolution 55, the Bureau provides in the BR IFIC (Space Services) and in the web site the List of coordination requests, notification and space Plans information “as received” (SNL Part-C).