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Administration G
Unique identification code given by the administrationG__60004/185
Identifier assigned by the BR117151283
Fragment GE06D
Notice Type GS1
Part B RequestTRUE
Date of Notification
Date of Receipt15 Dec 2017
Date of Expiry
Date of recognition
Date in use
Plan Entry Code4
SFN identifierG__60004
Associated allotment identifierG__60004
Assignment CodeC
   Site Characteristics
Transmitting Antenna Site Name REDRUTH
Geographic Area G
Longitude 5º W 14' 21"
Latitude 50º N 12' 37"
Altitude of site above sea level (m)243
   Emission Characteristics
Assigned Frequency (MHz)216.928
Frequency Block 11A
TV channel
Antenna Directivity D
Polarization V
Height of Antenna Above Ground Level (m)139
Maximum Effective Antenna Height (m)359
Maximum effective radiated power(dBW), vertical component 33
Transmission System
Spectrum Mask2
Rx mode
Reference Planning ConfigurationRPC5
   Plan Remarks
Remarks with respect to assignments in the analogue Plan of the listed administrationsF,IRL
Remarks with respect to entries in the digital Plan of the listed administrationsBEL,F,HOL
Remarks with respect to existing assignments to other primary terrestrial services of the listed administrations
Remarks (Administration)
   Effective Antenna Height(m)
000° 347
010° 306
020° 272
030° 267
040° 268
050° 285
060° 290
070° 308
080° 320
090° 332
100° 323
110° 293
120° 281
130° 265
140° 256
150° 261
160° 249
170° 268
180° 272
190° 261
200° 265
210° 252
220° 260
230° 288
240° 301
250° 309
260° 323
270° 330
280° 343
290° 347
300° 356
310° 357
320° 353
330° 359
340° 355
350° 353
   Antenna attenuation (vertically polarized component, dB)
000° 1
010° 1
020° 1
030° 1
040° 3
050° 1
060° 0
070° 1
080° 2
090° 1
100° 0
110° 1
120° 2
130° 3
140° 5
150° 9
160° 13
170° 17
180° 14
190° 13
200° 10
210° 6
220° 4
230° 2
240° 1
250° 1
260° 3
270° 8
280° 11
290° 12
300° 17
310° 18
320° 12
330° 7
340° 4
350° 2
   SFN members
Admin IDNotice TypeIntentDate of ReceiptAssignment CodePlan Entry CodeFragment
G__60004DS2RECORDED27 Apr 2006 4GE06D
G__60004/143GS1RECORDED25 Mar 2008C4GE06D
G__60004/6GS1RECORDED25 Mar 2008C4GE06D
G__60004/7GS1RECORDED25 Mar 2008C4GE06D
G__60004/71GS1RECORDED25 Mar 2008C4GE06D
G__60004/48GS1RECORDED25 Mar 2008C4GE06D
G__60004/9GS1RECORDED25 Mar 2008C4GE06D
G__60004/11GS1RECORDED25 Mar 2008C4GE06D
G__60004/12GS1RECORDED25 Mar 2008C4GE06D
G__60004/14GS1RECORDED25 Mar 2008C4GE06D
G__60004/16GS1RECORDED25 Mar 2008C4GE06D
G__60004/17GS1RECORDED25 Mar 2008C4GE06D
G__60004/19GS1RECORDED25 Mar 2008C4GE06D
G__60004/23GS1RECORDED25 Mar 2008C4GE06D
G__60004/24GS1RECORDED25 Mar 2008C4GE06D
G__60004/25GS1RECORDED25 Mar 2008C4GE06D
G__60004/26GS1RECORDED25 Mar 2008C4GE06D
G__60004/29GS1RECORDED25 Mar 2008C4GE06D
G__60004/32GS1RECORDED25 Mar 2008C4GE06D
G__60004/36GS1RECORDED25 Mar 2008C4GE06D
G__60004/37GS1RECORDED25 Mar 2008C4GE06D
G__60004/38GS1RECORDED25 Mar 2008C4GE06D
G__60004/40GS1RECORDED25 Mar 2008C4GE06D
G__60004/41GS1RECORDED25 Mar 2008C4GE06D
G__60004/42GS1RECORDED25 Mar 2008C4GE06D
G__60004/44GS1RECORDED25 Mar 2008C4GE06D
G__60004/46GS1RECORDED25 Mar 2008C4GE06D
G__60004/49GS1RECORDED25 Mar 2008C4GE06D
G__60004/51GS1RECORDED25 Mar 2008C4GE06D
G__60004/53GS1RECORDED25 Mar 2008C4GE06D
G__60004/54GS1RECORDED25 Mar 2008C4GE06D
G__60004/59GS1RECORDED25 Mar 2008C4GE06D
G__60004/60GS1RECORDED25 Mar 2008C4GE06D
G__60004/61GS1RECORDED25 Mar 2008C4GE06D
G__60004/62GS1RECORDED25 Mar 2008C4GE06D
G__60004/63GS1RECORDED25 Mar 2008C4GE06D
G__60004/64GS1RECORDED25 Mar 2008C4GE06D
G__60004/70GS1RECORDED25 Mar 2008C4GE06D
G__60004/72GS1RECORDED25 Mar 2008C4GE06D
G__60004/74GS1RECORDED25 Mar 2008C4GE06D
G__60004/75GS1RECORDED25 Mar 2008C4GE06D
G__60004/76GS1RECORDED25 Mar 2008C4GE06D
G__60004/77GS1RECORDED25 Mar 2008C4GE06D
G__60004/80GS1RECORDED25 Mar 2008C4GE06D
G__60004/81GS1RECORDED25 Mar 2008C4GE06D
G__60004/82GS1RECORDED25 Mar 2008C4GE06D
G__60004/83GS1RECORDED25 Mar 2008C4GE06D
G__60004/84GS1RECORDED25 Mar 2008C4GE06D
G__60004/164GS1RECORDED25 Mar 2008C4GE06D
G__60004/85GS1RECORDED25 Mar 2008C4GE06D
G__60004/86GS1RECORDED25 Mar 2008C4GE06D
G__60004/90GS1RECORDED25 Mar 2008C4GE06D
G__60004/91GS1RECORDED25 Mar 2008C4GE06D
G__60004/93GS1RECORDED25 Mar 2008C4GE06D
G__60004/95GS1RECORDED25 Mar 2008C4GE06D
G__60004/96GS1RECORDED25 Mar 2008C4GE06D
G__60004/97GS1RECORDED25 Mar 2008C4GE06D
G__60004/68GS1RECORDED25 Mar 2008C4GE06D
G__60004/99GS1RECORDED25 Mar 2008C4GE06D
G__60004/101GS1RECORDED25 Mar 2008C4GE06D
G__60004/103GS1RECORDED25 Mar 2008C4GE06D
G__60004/58GS1RECORDED25 Mar 2008C4GE06D
G__60004/108GS1RECORDED25 Mar 2008C4GE06D
G__60004/109GS1RECORDED25 Mar 2008C4GE06D
G__60004/79GS1RECORDED25 Mar 2008C4GE06D
G__60004/137GS1RECORDED25 Mar 2008C4GE06D
G__60004/118GS1RECORDED25 Mar 2008C4GE06D
G__60004/119GS1RECORDED25 Mar 2008C4GE06D
G__60004/121GS1RECORDED25 Mar 2008C4GE06D
G__60004/122GS1RECORDED25 Mar 2008C4GE06D
G__60004/124GS1RECORDED25 Mar 2008C4GE06D
G__60004/125GS1RECORDED25 Mar 2008C4GE06D
G__60004/126GS1RECORDED25 Mar 2008C4GE06D
G__60004/128GS1RECORDED25 Mar 2008C4GE06D
G__60004/130GS1RECORDED25 Mar 2008C4GE06D
G__60004/131GS1RECORDED25 Mar 2008C4GE06D
G__60004/132GS1RECORDED25 Mar 2008C4GE06D
G__60004/133GS1RECORDED25 Mar 2008C4GE06D
G__60004/134GS1RECORDED25 Mar 2008C4GE06D
G__60004/135GS1RECORDED25 Mar 2008C4GE06D
G__60004/136GS1RECORDED25 Mar 2008C4GE06D
G__60004/139GS1RECORDED25 Mar 2008C4GE06D
G__60004/140GS1RECORDED25 Mar 2008C4GE06D
G__60004/142GS1RECORDED25 Mar 2008C4GE06D
G__60004/144GS1RECORDED25 Mar 2008C4GE06D
G__60004/145GS1RECORDED25 Mar 2008C4GE06D
G__60004/148GS1RECORDED25 Mar 2008C4GE06D
G__60004/149GS1RECORDED25 Mar 2008C4GE06D
G__60004/151GS1RECORDED25 Mar 2008C4GE06D
G__60004/154GS1RECORDED25 Mar 2008C4GE06D
G__60004/156GS1RECORDED25 Mar 2008C4GE06D
G__60004/158GS1RECORDED25 Mar 2008C4GE06D
G__60004/159GS1RECORDED25 Mar 2008C4GE06D
G__60004/28GS1RECORDED25 Mar 2008C4GE06D
G__60004/165GS1RECORDED25 Mar 2008C4GE06D
G__60004/166GS1RECORDED25 Mar 2008C4GE06D
G__60004/160GS1RECORDED25 Mar 2008C4GE06D
G__60004/170GS1RECORDED25 Mar 2008C4GE06D
G__60004/171GS1RECORDED25 Mar 2008C4GE06D
G__60004/172GS1RECORDED25 Mar 2008C4GE06D
G__60004/173GS1RECORDED25 Mar 2008C4GE06D
G__60004/22GS1RECORDED25 Mar 2008C4GE06D
G__60004/30GS1RECORDED25 Mar 2008C4GE06D
G__60004/115GS1RECORDED25 Mar 2008C4GE06D
G__60004/146GS1RECORDED25 Mar 2008C4GE06D
G__60004/113GS1RECORDED23 Apr 2008C4GE06D
G__60004/8GS1RECORDED3 Jul 2008L4GE06D
G__60004/13GS1RECORDED3 Jul 2008L4GE06D
G__60004/111GS1RECORDED3 Jul 2008L4GE06D
G__60004/150GS1RECORDED3 Jul 2008L4GE06D
G__60004/1GS1RECORDED3 Jul 2008L4GE06D
G__60004/168GS1RECORDED5 May 2009C4GE06D
G__60004/2GS1RECORDED1 Jul 2015C4GE06D
G__60004/10GS1RECORDED1 Jul 2015C4GE06D
G__60004/20GS1RECORDED1 Jul 2015C4GE06D
G__60004/33GS1RECORDED1 Jul 2015C4GE06D
G__60004/35GS1RECORDED1 Jul 2015C4GE06D
G__60004/57GS1RECORDED1 Jul 2015C4GE06D
G__60004/73GS1RECORDED1 Jul 2015C4GE06D
G__60004/78GS1RECORDED1 Jul 2015C4GE06D
G__60004/98GS1RECORDED1 Jul 2015C4GE06D
G__60004/100GS1RECORDED1 Jul 2015C4GE06D
G__60004/114GS1RECORDED1 Jul 2015C4GE06D
G__60004/120GS1RECORDED1 Jul 2015C4GE06D
G__60004/127GS1RECORDED1 Jul 2015C4GE06D
G__60004/147GS1RECORDED1 Jul 2015C4GE06D
G__60004/152GS1RECORDED1 Jul 2015C4GE06D
G__60004/153GS1RECORDED1 Jul 2015C4GE06D
G__60004/157GS1RECORDED1 Jul 2015C4GE06D
G__60004/167GS1RECORDED1 Jul 2015C4GE06D
G__60004/174GS1RECORDED1 Jul 2015C4GE06D
G__60004/45GS1RECORDED1 Jul 2015C4GE06D
G__60004/31GS1RECORDED1 Jul 2015C4GE06D
G__60004/18GS1RECORDED1 Jul 2015C4GE06D
G__60004/116GS1RECORDED1 Jul 2015C4GE06D
G__60004/117GS1RECORDED1 Jul 2015C4GE06D
G__60004/112GS1RECORDED1 Jul 2015C4GE06D
G__60004/69GS1RECORDED1 Jul 2015C4GE06D
G__60004/94GS1RECORDED1 Jul 2015C4GE06D
G__60004/141GS1RECORDED1 Jul 2015C4GE06D
G__60004/163GS1RECORDED1 Jul 2015C4GE06D
G__60004/102GS1RECORDED1 Jul 2015C4GE06D
G__60004/67GS1RECORDED1 Jul 2015C4GE06D
G__60004/178GS1RECORDED1 Jul 2015C4GE06D
G__60004/47GS1RECORDED1 Jul 2015C4GE06D
G__60004/27GS1RECORDED7 Jul 2015L4GE06D
G__60004/501GS1RECORDED30 Aug 2016C4GE06D
G__60004/179GS1ADD15 Dec 2017C4GE06D
G__60004/183GS1ADD15 Dec 2017C4GE06D
G__60004/180GS1ADD15 Dec 2017C4GE06D
G__60004/188GS1ADD15 Dec 2017C4GE06D
G__60004/185GS1ADD15 Dec 2017C4GE06D
G__60004/197GS1ADD15 Dec 2017C4GE06D
G__60004/184GS1ADD15 Dec 2017C4GE06D
G__60004/37GS1MODIFY15 Dec 2017C4GE06D
G__60004/141GS1MODIFY15 Dec 2017C4GE06D
G__60004/502GS1ADD15 Dec 2017C4GE06D
G__60004/503GS1ADD15 Dec 2017C4GE06D
G__60004/504GS1ADD15 Dec 2017C4GE06D
G__60004/507GS1ADD15 Dec 2017C4GE06D
   Publication History
BR IFICDate of PublicationPublication NumberPublication partAddendumCorrigendum
286223 Jan 2018139B1  


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