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Introduction - 6th GSR
14 - 15 November 2005
Yasmine Hammamet, Tunisia


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The International Telecommunication Union’s 6th annual Global Symposium for Regulators (GSR), held in Yasmine Hammamet, Tunisia from 14-15 November 2005, gathered regulators, policy makers and service providers from 110 countries to develop a new regulatory framework to promote broadband deployment and access in developing countries.

The advent of broadband has dramatically altered the ICT playing field, creating new opportunities for an ever-growing spectrum of players. The GSR’s new vision for enhanced broadband deployment, which encompasses reduced regulatory burdens, innovative incentives and coordinated efforts, is designed to rapidly unleash commercial broadband deployment opportunities.

"There is not a significant environment on the planet in which broadband internet does not make sense, given the political will to foster an enabling environment," said Hamadoun I. Touré, Director of ITU’s Telecommunication Development Bureau, in his opening address to the symposium. "However, the pace of broadband take-up largely hinges on the regulatory framework."

This year’s GSR agreed to a set of ‘best practice guidelines’ for spectrum management aimed at promoting broadband access. "The 2005 GSR best practice guidelines, endorsed by 120 CEOs and board members of national regulatory authorities are an important contribution to the World Summit on the Information Society," said 2005 GSR Chairperson Mr Ali Ghodbani.

The four-page vision statement produced by the 2005 GSR embraces the principles of "minimum necessary" regulation, minimizing barriers to entry, allowing broadband providers to begin operations on a small scale rather than requiring national rollouts, allocating spectrum for community or non-commercial use, adopting lighter regulatory approaches in rural and less congested areas, and recognizing the role that both licensed and unlicensed spectrum can play. The guidelines are available here.


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