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ITU West Africa Workshop on Policy and Regulatory Frameworks for Cybersecurity and Critical Information Infrastructure Protection (CIIP)

Praia, Cape Verde (Santiago Island)
27-29 November 2007

Event Description

The integration of information and communication technologies (ICT) into almost every sphere of daily economic and social activity has increased the dependencies of individuals, organizations and governments on globally interconnected networks. The rapid growth in the use of ICTs during the last decade along with a rising number of cyber-incidents and fraudulent activities, have led to a shift in the perception of the importance of cybersecurity. This has been further enforced by a growing linkage between cybersecurity and critical information infrastructure protection (CIIP).

In order to promote cybersecurity and protect critical networked infrastructures, coordinated national action is required to prevent, respond to and recover from incidents. National frameworks and strategies are needed that allow stakeholders (individuals, organizations and governments) to use all the technical, legal and regulatory tools available to promote a culture of cybersecurity — along with regional and international cooperation.

This workshop aimed to bring together government representatives, industry actors, and other stakeholder groups in the West-Africa region to discuss, share information, and collaborate on the elaboration and implementation of national policy, regulatory and enforcement frameworks for cybersecurity and CIIP. It sought to benefit:

  • Information and communication policy makers from ministries and government departments;
  • Institutions and departments dealing with cybersecurity policies, legislation and enforcement; and
  • Representatives from operators, manufacturers, service providers, industry and consumer associations involved in promoting a culture of cybersecurity.

The workshop aimed to disseminate information on the ITU Cybersecurity Work Programme to Assist Developing Countries and ITU-D Study Group Question 22/1: Securing information and communication networks: Best practices for developing a culture of cybersecurity. It also considered initiatives on the regional and international level to increase cooperation and coordination amongst different stakeholders.

Please contact cybmail (at) with any general queries you may have related to this workshop.

Meeting Details  
Date:  27-29 November 2007
Location: Praia Mar Hotel, Praia, Cape Verde (on the Santiago Island)
This regional meeting was organized by ITU in collaboration with Ministério das Infraestruturas, Transportes e Mar, Cape Verde 

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