Global Database of Scientific Institutions Focusing on Telecommunications/ICTs

As instructed by ITU Members, it is important to strengthen ITU relationships with the world of science, i.e. research institutions and institutions of higher education, specializing in telecommunications/ICTs. In this framework this database increases the visibility of all scientific institutions on an international level; fosters international collaboration through simplification of the search process for research project partners; and gives information on institutions offering education programmes and undertaking research projects focusing on telecommunications.

The main objective of this database is to strengthen existing bonds and establish new links with universities and other scientific institutions in identifying trends in finance and economics of telecommunication/ICT networks and services. The database contains those institutions focusing on telecommunications/ICTs and specializing in: economics, management, regulation, technology

The data on institutions have been furnished by National Regulatory Authorities, Ministries of Communications, and Ministries of Education. Scientific Institutions have been contacted and requested to complete the data.

We all build the global knowledge-based information society!

Remark: The information in this database is that of the Scientific Institutions and does not necessarily represent the opinions of ITU or its membership. The terms and definitions used are the author’s own and can on no account be regarded as replacing the official ITU definitions. As the information is completed by the Scientific Institutions, the data may be incomplete, but institutions are being contacted and encouraged to supply complete information. Should you encounter any difficulty, please contact ITU/BDT/Market, Economics and Finance Unit: E-mail: ITU-D-economic-tools@itu.int

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