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WTISD 2010 Promotion Material
ITU Film: ICTs for a Better Future

WTISD 2010 poster:   Pdf format - 2,5MB: English | عربي  | 中文  | Espa˝ol | Franšais | Русский | Neutral

Digital outreach for a better future - Flyer
Digital Outreach for a Better Future:
An ITU publication for WTISD-2010. Launch at Shanghai World Expo 2010 and WSIS Forum 2010.

Flyer Flyer in pdf format - 280Kb

WTISD 2010 artwork explanation

ITU knows that there is a better future around the corner. Thanks to information and communication technologies (ICTs), cities of the future will be safer, cleaner, and more convenient than ever. Electric cars will plug into a smart electricity grid system when not being used, and automobiles will communicate with intelligent parking spaces. Perceptive protection sensors will accommodate to our needs and work to keep us safe.


On the home front, in-house automatic health scans and holographic learning centers, robotic cleaners and buildings that actively adapt to our personal tastes and moods are developments that city dwellers can look forward to. What else lies on the horizon? What about objects and food that can be easily scanned for more information, personalized, dynamic information screens and interactive open-air TV? People will be able to exchange information through a simple handshake, using their bodies as conduits to store info on body-based computers, later uploading the information when they arrive home.




Surgery via robotic avatars will become commonplace and medical centers will be networked to automatic sensors to warn of accidents and illness. Cities also have the potential to become more beautiful, with robotized trash collection and intelligent ambient lighting appearing only when and where it’s needed, saving energy and making cities glow. Hi-tech satellites and mobile masts designed to blend into the environment will support a whole range of wireless devices and applications. Tele-working, already happening today, will only increase as urban environments go completely broadband.





In short, the potential offered by ICTs is virtually limitless. If supported by smart policies and proper standardization, ICTs can be a force for good in creating a kinder, more connected and colorful world!




Original artwork by Nkumbe Njume-Ebong - Copyright ITU, 2010


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