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WTISD 2009: Worldwide Initiatives
During this year’s WTISD, ITU calls upon all stakeholders (policy makers, regulators, operators and industry) to promote the adoption of policies and strategies that will protect children in cyberspace and promote their safe access to online resources. We invite you to consider organizing programmes in your country to mark WTISD 2009 with a focus on the theme of Protecting Children in Cyberspace. It would be useful to involve all sections of society to formulate awareness and consensus on the issues underlying the theme. Read more about ITU's call for action


  • African Information Security Association (AISA)
    AISA is organizing the “Protecting Children and Young People Online” forum to promote the adoption of policies and strategies that will protect children in cyberspace and promote their safe access to online resources. All key stakeholders are involved in the “Protecting Children and Young People Online” initiative – children, parents, students, educators, business owners, civil society, etc. AISA plans to examine the role of different stakeholders and existing initiatives, as well as the development of Practical “Online Children protection” strategies. The forum takes place at the AISA Secretariat, Jidaw Systems Limited, Lagos, Nigeria on May 19, 2009, 10 a.m. The forum is open to the public and interested participants need to register before the event through the Jidaw office.

Arab States

  • Arab ICT Organization
    AICTO will celebrate the day by organizing in partnership with ITU a conference under the theme "Protecting Children in Cyberspace" as well as an exhibition showing the latest technologies in the relevant field.
    Date: Saturday 16 May 2009
    Place: Elgazala Technopark, Tunis, Tunisia
  • The Suzanne Mubarak Women's International Peace Movement (SMWIPM)
    On the occasion of WTISD 2009, the Cyber Peace Initiative will avail the 1st Arab Family Safety Kit on line free of charge to Arabic speaking countries. The kit was arabized and localized with the help of the Insafe program and includes material that caters to the whole family. The parents' manual addresses carers' concerns and offers them a glossary of internet and computer related terminology, while the children's manual offers exercises, games and puzzles to disseminate the culture of safety in a friendly way. The kit, originally, produced by Insafe, aims at rendering the experience of on line safety learning an entertaining and instructive one for the whole members of the family. The Cyber Peace Initiative will also hold a number of awareness sessions during the WTISD 2009 week, by its youth internet safety focus group (net- Aman) and its parents internet safety focus group.


  • European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA)
    On the occasion of WTISD 2009 ENISA is promoting a set of security posters aim at raising awareness of parents to enhance the safety of children using virtual worlds and the Internet. ENISA believes that awareness of what children can do online and parental involvement are crucial. Parents must be educated, empowered and engaged to ensure truly positive and valuable experiences for their children, while reinforcing safety online habits in the process. The posters can be downloaded for free.

Latin America

  • Iberoamerican Internet Users Association
  • Internet Day is an on-line project which has emerged from society, on account of society, and for society. It is free, and open to anyone who wishes to take part. One of the key features of Internet Day is the total freedom of all groups to decide what to do, how to do it, and who their activities will target. Everyone can take part, each person decides to what extent they will be involved, and everyone is as important as everyone else, regardless of the size or number of proposals they put forward.
  • Internet World 2009: The Internet World 2009 is an international forum for new ideas and experiences, offered by international experts from renowned career at topical issues involved in designing strategies to end inequality in access to new technologies.  Internet World just online wants to meet the needs of a market with trends towards globalization and integration needs.

  • Online concert and International Musical Composition Contest:  If you compose, play an instrument, sing or conduct a orchestra, you can participate in this contest. Just upload a video in Youtube playing the works proposed. This is a unique way to experience and bring music closer all Internet users. Composers, musicians, performers and directors, all ages, nationalities and specialties are invited to participate. The composition award consists of 3.000 €. The video with the most votes online will be awarded with a laptop and a digital video recording camera of the latest generation.

 South Asia

South Asia Mobile Forum (SAMF) intends to celebrate World Telecommunication and Information Society Day with a great enthusiasm by organizing a round table discussion on “protecting the child in cyber space”. The discussion will be attended by personnel from the telecom sectors and internet service providers, as well as representatives from the government and leading journalists. The details for discussion will contain:
• Cyberspace and cyber criminality
• Protecting children in the cyber space
• Practical tools to help minimize risk to children
• Present scenario of the exposure to cyberspace of the Bangladeshi children.

The Chairman of South Asia Mobile Forum, Mr. Mehboob Chowdhury, will be the moderator for this round table discussion.



  • ACMA Cybersafety Program
    On the occasion of WTISD 2009, ACMA conducted a series of activities in the week following the 17th May:
  • An 'Internet Safety Awareness' Presentation for students, staff and parents at a primary school in Macksville, New South Wales.  This program discussed how children use technology, including: potential risks faced by children online and effective strategies for helping keep young people safe online.
  • Two one-day 'Professional Development Progams for Teachers' in Victoria and Western Australia, in which teachers explored: how children use technology, digital literacy, cyberbullying, identity protection, and the legal responsibility of schools to minimise risk.
  • Four 'Cybersmart Detectives' events for primary school age children in Victoria,Western Australia, and on Cocos Island.  Cybersmart Detectives is an interactive online activity for primary school students to learn about internet safety.  They work in teams to investigate and solve an internet-themed problem, guided by internet safety experts.


  • Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio and Communication (BNNRC)
    On the occasion of WTISD 2009, BNNRC will organize 6 divisional seminar and publish a booklet a leaflet a post card and a poster

  • Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission
    This year, Bangladesh will celebrate WTISD in Chittagong. The theme is “Protecting children in cyberspace”. To popularize the concept, building the awareness and to ensure youth participation, Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) has chalked out an elaborated a programme for two days (17-18 May 2009) to observe this event. Keeping “Digital Bangladesh” and “Vision 2021″ in view, the observance of WTISD-09 shall comprise an ICT based exhibition, Seminar, ICT classes and various online/offline competitions at IEB, Chittagong. The purpose of this event is to encourage the citizens of Bangladesh to contribute in building an ICT based nation. The idea is to connect the unconnected and bridge the gap between lighted and unlighted in the field of ICT knowledge.


  • Prefectura del Departamento de Cochabamba
    Como Dirección de Seguridad Ciudadana se ha realizado un ciclo de conferencias el lunes 18 de mayo  de 9 a 12, relativas al tema de este año "Proteger a los niños en el ciberespacio", con participacion de exposiciones del ministerio de educacion, universidades y la Superintendencia de Telecomunicaciones.


  • i-Vission International
    This year, i-Vission International in partnership with The Commonwealth Club of the University of Douala will be celebrating the World Telecommunication and Information Society Day in line with the theme proposed by the ITU Council "Protecting children in cyberspace”. A seminar will be organized to empower the citizens on cyber criminality as a whole, and the ways through which children are exploited in the Cameroonian context. The roots of cyber criminality and how to be protected from the traps of these intercontinental criminals, with case study on our children, shall be uncovered by experts of the sector.




  • Communications Association of Hong Kong (CAHK)
    CAHK, with the support of the Office of the Telecommunication Authority in Hong Kong and her members in the communication industry, is organizing a series of events to celebrate WTISD-Hong Kong 2009. The series of events for 2009 will focus on the local youth and will include 4 Panels: Comic Drawing Competition, Geo-caching Hunting Competition, 2009 CAHK Trophy - ICT Quiz Competition, and Communications Tours with CEO talks in career development. A Launch and Prize Presentation Ceremony will be held on 16 May 2009 to gather the government officials, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) participants and groups of young people from high schools and universities. The event will offer an opportunity to raise public awareness of protecting children in cyberspace and getting to know more about our future  knowledge owners'  ability and application skills on ICT initiatives.

  • HiPiKids
    On the occasion of WTISD-09, HiPiKids is launching HiPiCUBE Kids' Internet Operating System in Beijing China. HiPiKids was founded in 2008 as a technology company focusing on operating a better Internet for children via a proprietary Kids Internet Operating System and Internet devices such as mobile phones, desktop computers, laptops, netbooks, MID or a SoC Flash drives.

Congo (Democratic Republic of)

  • Cabinet du Vice Premier Ministre Chargé de la Reconstruction
    19 mai 2009, conférence débat au sujet de la journée Mondiale des Télécommunications en RD Congo.
    Thème : La Protection des Enfants dans le Cyberespace.
    Lieu : Salle de Conférence Internationale au Ministère des Affaires étrangères , Kinshasa-Gombe.

Presentation Enfance et cybersécurité [PowerPoint format]

Dominican Republic


  • Internet Sans Crainte
    Internet Sans Creinte is the French national programme to raise awareness of the online risks among young people. It represents France in the European project Safer Internet Plus which gathers 26 countries from the European Union. This year, on the occasion of WTISD, Internet Sans Creinte is promoting a special programme for teenagers between the ages of 12 and 16.


  • Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers (IETE)
    IETE, Computer Society of India, and Institute of Engineers have organized a programme on the theme of WTISD 2009 on 17th May 2009 at Vasvik Hall, Race Course Vadodara, 6.30 to 8.30 pm. Dr. Chaitanya S Buch, Chairman of the Computer Society of Vadodara will deliver a talk on child online protection solutions to the members of all the 3 organizations as well as to the public at large.

    Invitation and programme

  • Odisha Telecom Development Forum (OTDF)
    Taking into account the theme of WTISD-09 "Protecting children in cyberspace", a small group of telecommunications background people along with other inter-sectoral background citizens have thought to celebrate WTISD 2009 in Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India, under the title ODISHA TELECOM DEVELOPMENT FORUM (though initially informal will be formalized after its first preparatory meeting).  OTDF has proposed to observe and celebrate WTISD to create public awareness on the following:
  • Create public awareness on the issues related to protecting children in cyberspace and to identify policies, best practices, tools and resources for adaptation/use in their countries.
  • Support ongoing work aimed at developing Guidelines on protecting children online for policy makers and regulators.
  • Identify risks and vulnerabilities to children in cyberspace as the Internet and other online resources continue to expand.
  • Build resource repositories for common use.
  • Promote capacity building aimed at strengthening global response in protecting children as they venture into cyberspace.
Word format icon OTDF aims and objectives
  • The Institution of Engineers (India) - Orissa State Centre
    Orissa State Centre organized a programme on 17 May 2009 on the theme of WTISD 2009 . The main goal of the programme was to educate teenagers about cybercrime. Dr R. M. Patnaik, past Chairman of the Centre, was the Chief Guest who delivered a talk on the theme. Awareness to parents and the role they should play to protect the children of cybercrime was also discussed.

  • Indonesia

    • Sending broadcast short messages to customers in order to remind them of the WTISD 2009 celebration;
    • Distributing pamphlets and conducting  a talk show discussing the importance of using safe Internet;
    • Conducting socialization to schools and workshop taking the theme of applying healthy, safe and wise internet;
    • Publishing the topic about healthy and safe internet to protect children in Indosat website and about educational as well as regulatory programs in DG Postel website to promote the theme of 2009 WTISD Protecting children in cyberspace;
    • Organizing a contest for people to create a logo, mascot and jingle taking the topic of healthy and safe internet for children; and,
    • Gathering around 500 people consisting of the regulators, telecommunication operators and other players in telecommunication community as well as concerned society to celebrate the WTISD 2009 on 17 May 2009. One of the main programs in the gathering is to demonstrate the using of healthy and safe internet for children.


    • ITU Association of Japan (ITU-AJ)
      In conjunction with the Ceremony hosted by ITU in Geneva, ITU-AJ organizes each year a Celebration for World Telecommunication and Information Society Day to raise the visibility if ITU among Japanese people and to reward those who have contributed to the ITU related work. This year, in particular, Prof. Hiramatsu, former chairman of SG1 of ITU-T, was honored with MIC MInister's award.


    • Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) of Lebanon
      After having dedicated its efforts in 2008 to support the access of persons with disabilities to communications services, the TRA has taken the step to promote internet parental protection in 2009, and is organizing in coordination with the Higher Council of Child protection in Lebanon, a round table at the TRA premises on Thursday, May 14th, at 10:30 AM, where Internet service providers, NGOs and members of the legislative internet committees will be sharing their vision of a protected internet space for children and discussing the necessary measures to be undertaken.


    • Secrétariat d'Etat Chargé de la Modernisation de l'Administration et des TICs
      Dans le cadre de la célébration de la journée mondiale des télécommunications, le Secrétariat d'Etat chargé de la modernisation de l'Administration et des TICs organise le jeudi 21 mai 2009 une journée de débats sur le thème l'Internet pour toute la famille et en toute sécurité. Plus de 400 partcipants representants tous les acteurs impliqués dans ce processus sont attendus ( Administration, protection sociale, Education nationale, Police, Justice, les religieux, les parents d'elèves, les elèves, les fournisseurs d'accès, les opérateurs télécoms, etc). Parallèment un espace de navigation avec la distribution des outils de controle parentale a été ouvert au public.


    • Montenegro Agency for Electronic Communications and Postal Services (AGENTEL)
      This year, the Government of Montenegro has marked the World Telecommunication and information Society Day with the theme of Child Online Protection, presenting a number of educational, marketing, and PR activities. Also this Agency has recognized the importance of child online protection and the safety and security of the information society as the society of the present age, so it has been decided that this issue should be included as one of the topics in panel discussions of the Conference Regional Activities in Electronic Communications Sector. AGENTEL will prepare the text "Memorandum of Understanding in the area of safe information society and child online protection".



    • Hugtech Information Links (HIL)
      Hugtech Information Links (HIL) is organizing on 17 May 2009, on the occasion of the World Telecommunication and Information Society Day the National Youth Summit on the Information Society : NAYSIS at the Continuing Education Centre (CEC), University of Nigeria, Nsukka. This event intends to step up the awareness and sensitization on the issues and realities of the emerging information society in academic communities.

      Word format icon NAYSIS 2009 Programme   |   Word format icon NAYSIS 2009 Executive Summary   |   Word format icon HIL: Organization profile

    • Paradigm Initiative Nigeria (PIN)
      Noting that the theme of this year's celebration of WTISD is "Protecting children in cyberspace" and that one of the key elements of the PIN's Curbing Cybercrime in Nigeria  campaign is to educate secondary school students about the ills of cybercrime and the potentials of ICT application, while inviting them to also pass on the same message to their peers, Microsoft Nigeria, Paradigm Initiative Nigeria, and Champion Newspapers will visit on 15 May 2009 a secondary school in Nigeria (Laureates College, Lagos) along with MISSPIN Campaign Ambassadors to discuss the need for positive use of ICT by young people. Details of the visit, and other campaign updates, will be published in a special WTISD report by Champion Newspapers.


    • Information Technology Authority (ITA)
      On the occasion of WTISD 2009, ITA will be visiting schools across the country with the aim of raising awareness of students. Posters, pamphlets, and students kits will be distributed in schools and awareness lectures will be conducted for students and teachers.
      ITA upholds the World Summit Information Society (WSIS) Declaration of Principles, which includes international human right laws, a child convention law, MDGs, etc ,and believes that awareness of what children can do online as well as parental involvement are crucial.
      ITA will also mark this day under the auspicious of the Minister of Education and many other dignitaries, including a representative of UNICEF who will give a speech. On this day, ITA will launch its Computer Emergency Response Team, CERT, whose goals and mission include awareness of child protection in cyberspace. Other interesting activities are: students will perform a short drama of awareness, there will be a competition of students on the best awareness poster message on child protection. After its launching, ITA CERT will conduct a one year campaign for students and parents using special education kits. Parents too will be educated with special kits on how to best protect their children while using the Internet. See CERT kids website


    • Pakistan Fair & Exhibition Corporation
      On the occasion of WTISD-09, Pakistan Fair & Exhibition Corporation organizes from 17-19 May 2009 the Pakistan Telecom Expo and Conference (PTEC 2009). During this year’s conference, PTEC calls upon all stakeholders (policy makers, regulators, operators and industry) to promote the adoption of policies and strategies that will protect children in cyberspace and promote their safe access to online resources.



    • WTISD 2009 Philippine Initiative
      In response to ITU’s Call for Action, the Philippines through the Commission on Information and Communications Technology (CICT) as lead implementing agency, celebrated the World Telecommunication and Information Society Day (WTISD) 2009 with a kick-off program on May 19, 2009 at the Club Filipino, Greenhills, San Juan City, Philippines. The May 19, 2009 WTISD program also coincided with the annual celebration of National Electronics and Telecommunications Week (NETW) from May 17 to 23 under Proclamation No. 238, s.1988. Simultaneous programs were held in other regions of the Philippines, specifically in Cagayan de Oro and Davao.


    • Association of Polish Electrical Engineers
      The Association of Polish Electrical Engineers (SEP) has been organizing for many years in Poland the celebrations of the World Telecommunication Day, and since 2007 of the World Telecommunication and Information Society Day. Moreover, since 1995, according to the agreement with the Ministry of Communications, SEP is formally the main organizer of the celebrations in Poland, while the Ministry of Infrastructure holds the honorary patronage of the whole event. This year, SEP is organizing the following events within the celebrations of the Day:
    1. III National Meeting of Students and Teachers of the Schools of Communications "Protecting Children in Cyberspace" - 13 May
    2. II Inter-university Students' Scientific Conference "Protecting Individual in Cyberspace" - 14 May
    3. X Round Table Conference "Poland on the way to Information Society (IS) - security with regard to SI creation" - 15 May
    The first and the second events are especially important, as their co-organizers are young people: students of the secondary schools, universities and young research personnel. The central event of the celebrations is the Round Table Conference "Poland on the way to Information Society", held in the Column Hall of the Polish Sejm under the patronage of the Speaker of the Polish Sejm. This year's theme “Protecting children in cyberspace” is crucial in the creation of a safe and secure society. These events are supported by the Prime Minister Office, the Government Plenipotentiary for Gender Equality, and the Team of Anti-Discrimination Against Minors.
    • Polish Information processing Society (PTI)
      WTISD 2009 celebrations: popularization of new technologies in the society and presentation of opportunities that result from their application both in the economy and social life. A number of events, seminars, discussion panels and conferences will take place.

      Report 2009  Pdf format icon  [1300kB]


    • ictQATAR
      Protecting Children in Cyberspace Drawing Competition: Safety on the Internet is one of the areas handled by Q-CERT within Qatar. Q-CERT, Qatar's center for information security, was created by the Supreme Council for Information and Communications Technology (ictQATAR) to safeguard and improve the security of information and communications systems. Q-CERT works with government agencies, businesses, and the citizens of Qatar to address cyber security risks, protect sensitive information, and ensure the safety of our children on the Internet. One of the main objectives of Q-CERT is to inculcate information security awareness among different groups of society. Among the many different ways of increasing awareness, one way is to get schools involved in cyber safety. Q-CERT held an art competition to reveal the conceptual understanding of online cyber threats by children. The goal was to know whether children are aware of such threats and to encourage them to research this topic for use in their drawings. This would cause them to adapt their behavior accordingly, by taking these threats into account when online. A number of schools participated by submitting hundreds of expressive drawings in this competition. This indicates that many children are aware of the online threats; however, as there was a limited set of threats portrayed in the drawings, this indicated that further awareness is required. As an appreciation of these efforts, Q-CERT decided to reward the five children who submitted the best drawings, with a laptop. For all the rest of the participants, Q-CERT will be giving anti-virus software, with one year update subscription, together with a special card that has information security safety tips; these gifts will be sent to schools soon. All the drawings submitted have been uploaded to an online gallery. The top five winners will be the first pictures to be displayed.

    Russian Federation

    • Safer Internet Day
      The organizing committee of Safer Internet Day, supported by the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications, put forward the proposal that a Safe Internet Year be declared in the Russian Federation in 2009, as part of which it is planned to carry out actions focusing on the protection of children in cyberspace and promoting law-abiding behaviour on the part of children and young people using the Internet.

    • UN Information Centre
      From 12-15 May, in the framework of the Expocomm-2009, an exhibition entitled "Territory of Safe Internet" will be held. The National Organizing Committee for the Year of the Safe Internet takes the lead in this endeavour. In this context, a round table on "Protecting Children in Information Society" will take place on 14 May.



    • Youth National Traning Center
      Information is the infrastructure of today's world. Children are the weakest segment of society and young people must work to raise awareness of the importance of children, and help them to focus on awareness and protection. The initiative of Sudan's Youth National Training Center is to cellebrate WTISD by making technical presentations, workshops, and cultural nights.


    • Participation in an annual 4 days walk through the streets of Paramribo promoting the theme;
    • An essay competition for children (on the theme);
    • A 15 minutes film to alert the youth of the possible dangers on the Internet, so they can make proper use of it;
    • A code of conduct;
    • Handing out of the course: "Diploma Veilig Internet" (Diploma Safe Internet) by the Minister of Transport, Communication and Tourism to the Minister of Education. This course will have to be adopted by the Ministry of Education for implementation in the Surinamese education system.


    • Information and Communication Technologies Authority (ICTA)
      ICTA is organizing an international panel on the occasion of the World Telecommunication and Information Society Day on 15th May 2009 with the theme of “Protecting Children in Cyberspace” as proposed by the ITU Council. The panel will provide an oppurtunity for various stakeholders such as operators, service providers, NGOs and several govermental agencies to discuss and exchange views on the protection of children in cyberspace. The panel will be composed of two main sessions. In the first session, the participants will discuss possible threats for children and measures for protection under the theme of “Threats in Cyberspace for Children and Awareness”. The second session of the panel will further elaborate discussions under the theme “Global Strategies and Solutions in Protecting Children in Cyberspace”.  ITU will be represented by Mr. Sami Al Basheer Al MORSHID, Director of the Telecommunication Development Bureau. Mr. Al Basheer will be a keynote speaker in the opening session of the event.



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