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 Liste des orateurs du débat général
vendredi, 18 novembre 2005

, 09:00h-13:00h GMT+1

  • 1. Swaziland
    Son Excellence M. Absalom Themba Dlamini
    Prime Minister
  • 2. Vatican
    Son Excellence Archevêque John Patrick Foley
  • 3. Barbade
    Son Excellence Mme. Lynette Eastmond
    Minister of Commerce, Consumer Affairs and Business Development
  • 4. Bangladesh
    The Right Honourable Abdul Moyeen Khan
    Minister of Science and Information Communication Technology
  • 5. Malaisie
    Son Excellence Lim Keng Yauk
    Minister of Energy Water and Communications
  • 6. Yémen
    Son Excellence M. Abdulamlik Al-Moalemi
    Minister of Communication
  • 7. Maldives
    Son Excellence M. Mohamed Saeed
    Minister of Transport and Communication
  • 8. Samoa
    His Honour Palusalue Faapo II
    Minister of Communications and Information Technology
  • 9. Azerbaïdjan
    Son Excellence M. Ali Abbasov
    Minister for Communications and Information Technologies
  • 10. Brunéi Darussalam
    His Honour Pehin Dato Abu Bakar Apong
    Minister of Communication
  • 11. Etats-Unis
    Son Excellence Dr. John Marburger
    Special Representative of President and President's Science and Technology Adviser
  • 12. Timor Leste
    Son Excellence Dr. Ovidio De Jesus Amaraé
    Minister of Transport and Communications
  • 13. Malawi
    Son Excellence Mme. Patricia Kaliati
    Minister of Information and Tourism
  • 14. Afghanistan
    Son Excellence Amirzai Sangin
    Minister of Communication
  • 15. Iran (Rép. islamique d')
    Son Excellence Professeur Mohammad Soleymani
    Minister of Communication and Technology
  • 16. Guinée
    Son Excellence Hadja Aissatou Bela Diallo
    Minister of Information
  • 17. Bénin
    Son Excellence M. Frederic Dohou
    Minister of Communication and Promotion of New Technology
  • 18. Kenya
    M. James Rege
    Permanent Secretary
  • 19. Equateur
    Dr. Juan Carlos Solines Moreno
    President of the National Council of Telecommunications-CONATEL
  • 20. Chypre
    M. Chalalambos Soteriou
    Planning Officer for ICT Strategy
  • 21. Ouzbékistan
    M. Asadjon Khodjaev
    Deputy Director-General of Communications and Information Agency
  • 22. Bélarus
    Son Excellence Sergei Aleinik
  • 23. Ouganda
    Son Excellence Kweronda Ruhemba
  • 24. Albanie
    M. Armand Teliti
    Deputy Minister of Public Works, Transport and Telecommunication
  • 25. Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU)
    M. Pier Ferdinando Casini
  • 26. IP Justice
    Mme. Robin D. Gross
    Executive Director
  • 27. Universal Postal Union (UPU)
    M. Edouard Dayan
  • 28. African Development Bank (AfDB)
    M. Donald Kaberuka
  • 29. World Federation of Engineering Organizations (WFEO)
    M. Mohamed Tijani Bem Jemaa
    Vice Chairman of The Committee on Information and Communication
    Au nom de Civil Society Science and Technology Community
  • 30. United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR)
    M. Marcel A. Boisard
    Executive Director
  • 31. Council of Europe
    Mme. Maud de Boer Buquicchio
    Deputy Secretary General
  • 32. Internet Society (ISOC)
    Mme. Lynn St Amour
  • 33. United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
    M. Shoji Nishimoto
    Assistant Administrator

, 14:00h-16:00h GMT+1

  • 1. Micronésie
    Honourable Andrew Robert Yatilman
    Secretary of the Department of Transportation, Communications and Infrastructure
  • 2. Arabie saoudite
    Son Excellence M. Mohamed Jamil Mulla
    Minister of Communication and IT
  • 3. Burkina Faso
    Son Excellence M. Adama Fofana
    Minister for Relations with Parliament and Spokesman of Government
  • 4. Libye
    Son Excellence Abdul Rahmane Mohamed Chalghom
    Minister of Foreign Affair
  • 5. Niger
    Son Excellence M. Oumarou Hadary
    Minister of ICT
  • 6. Lao (R.D.P.)
    Son Excellence Professeur Bountiem Phissamay
    Minister to the Prime Minister's Office
  • 7. Gambie
    Honourable Nenneh MacDoual-Gaye
    Secretary of State for Communication, Information & Technology
  • 8. Kirghizistan
    Son Excellence M. Muktar Djumaliev
    Ambassador and Permanent Representative
  • 9. Venezuela
    Son Excellence Raquel Alexandra Poitevien Cabral
  • 10. Bolivie
    Engineer Sergio Antonio Toro
    Executive Director
  • 11. Pérou
    M. Rafael Muente
    Chief of the Bureau of E-government and Information Technologies
  • 13. Souvereign Military Order of Malta
    Son Excellence Dr. Franz Graf von Harnoncourt-Unverzagt
    President, Council for Communications
  • 14. PrepCom of the Geneva Phase
    Son Excellence M. Adama Samassekou

, 16:00h-17:30h GMT+1

  • 1. National Youth Campaigns and Beyond Tunis as youth
    Mme. Titi Akinsanmi
    Global Facilitator of WSIS Youth Caucus of SchoolNet Africa
  • 2. The Business View on Critical Issues for the Information Society
    M. Richard McCormick
    Honorary Chairman of the International Chamber of Commerce
  • 3. Information Commons for Science Initiative
    Professeur Shuichi Iwata
    President of CODATA of the International Council for Science
  • 4. African Research and Education Networking
    M. Robert Aymar
    Director General of CERN
  • 5. UNESCO's Parallel Events during the Tunis phase of WSIS
    Mme. Elizabeth Longworth
    Director of Information Society Division of UNESCO
  • 6. Message of Youth to Heads of State and Government and to International Organizations
    Mlle. Inès Chermiti
    Association Jeunes-Sciences de Tunisie
    Au nom de Congres Mondial des Jeunes
  • 7. Indigenous Peoples and the Information Society
    M. Joe Shirley, Jr
    President of Navajo Nation / OCCAM
  • 8. UN ICT Tast Force and its contribution to the WSIS process
    M. José Antonio Ocampo
    Under-Secretary-General of UN
  • 9. UTICA's events during the Tunis Phase of WSIS
    M. Mondher Ben Ayed
    Union Tunisienne pour l'Industrie, le Commerce et l'Artisanat (UTICA)
  • 10. Second World Summit of Cities and Local Authorities on the Information Society
    M. Karmelo Saenz de la Maza / Mr. Abbes Moshen
    President of the Basque Association of Municipalities / Mayor of Tunis and President of the Tunisian Association of municipalities//AMRSI
  • 11. Libraries - the Information Society in Action
    Dr. Alex Byrne
    President of the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions
  • 12. Conferences and Campaign on Volunteering and ICTs
    Mme. Viola Krebs
    Secretary-General of IC Volunteers
  • 13. Global Forum on Disability in the Information Society
    M. Hiroshi Kawamura
    Representative for WSIS of the DAISY Consortium
  • 14. WSIS Implementation: Gender Caucus past, present and post Tunis
    Mme. Lettie Tembo-Longwe
    WSIS Gender Caucus Interim Chairperson/World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters
  • 15. Report on Roundtable for a Multilingual Cyberspace with the Participation of All in the Information and Shared Knowledge Society
    Son Excellence Prof. Essayed Nagia
    Commissioner of the African Union
  • 16. Open Access to Scientific Information
    Dr. Francis Muguet
    Director of the Scientific Information Development Laboratory of ENSTA
  • 17. Global Knowledge Partnership Forum
    Mlle. Rinalia Abdul Rahim
    Executive Director of the Global Knowledge Partnership (GKP)
  • 18. ITU's Events during the Tunis phase of WSIS
    M. Roberto Blois
    Deputy Secretary General of ITU

, 17:30h-18:00h GMT+1

  • 1. Union internationale des télécommunications
    Son Excellence M. Yoshio Utsumi
  • 1. Suisse
    Son Excellence M. Moritz Leuenberger
    Vice President
  • 1. Tunisie
    Son Excellence M. Zine El Abidine Ben Ali


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