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Updated Country/Entity Activity
6 Mar 2011 International: ictQATAR ictQATAR Launches Qatar Domains Registry
One of the First in the World to Offer Arabic Domain Names was launched by the ICANN President. The Internet is one-step closer to being more accessible to speakers of Arabic in Qatar and around the world with the official launch of the Qatar Domains Registry (QDR), which was officially unveiled to ...
ID: 1299408680
22 May 2011 International: ictQATAR Qatar’s Digital Highway to the Future
National Broadband Network to Position Qatar at Forefront of ICT Revolution Qatar recently announced plans to build the Qatar National Broadband Network (QNBN), an ambitious endeavor that aims to connect the entire country to a high speed fiber network by 2015. ICT Connector spoke with ictQATAR S ...
ID: 1306058878
22 May 2011 International: ictQATAR Qatar: Satellite Program will increase broadband capacity and capabilities for the region.
Es’Hail, a new high-powered communications satellite, will increase broadband capacity and capabilities for the region. The high-capacity satellite will bring Qatar and the surrounding Middle East and North African region enhanced availability and quality of communications services. This means mo ...
ID: 1306059300
23 Oct 2011 International: ictQATAR Connect the Arab States Summit
05 March, 2012 - 07 March, 2012 Doha Qatar Organized by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) with ictQATAR’s support, the Summit, which will be held on March 5-7, 2011 at the Sheraton Doha Hotel, has the overall objective to mobilize the human, financial and technical resources requ ...
ID: 1319377931
23 Oct 2011 International: ictQATAR Meridian International Conference 2011
Founded in 2005, Meridian International Conference is an annual policy forum for governmental policy makers and international organizations to exchange insights on issues related to Critical Information Infrastructure Protection (CIIP). More than 30 countries expected to participate in the Confer ...
ID: 1319378349
23 Oct 2011 International: ictQATAR ictQATAR Hosts Workshop on Internationalized Domain Names at 2011
The workshop, titled “IDNs: Implementations, Challenges and Opportunities”, presented the current status of IDN implementations, shared the best practices and experiences of IDN Top Level Domains Operators and identified the key challenges facing IDN adoption worldwide. Reflecting on Qatar’s IDN ...
ID: 1319378498
23 Oct 2011 International: ictQATAR ictQATAR attends The Creative Commons Global Summit
The CC Global Summit, which took place September 16-18, 2011, brought together volunteers, activists, practitioners and industry leaders from nearly 70 countries to discuss ways to advance Creative Commons’ mission, build a vibrant global CC community and share best practices across sectors. Of t ...
ID: 1319378680
23 Oct 2011 International: ictQATAR TumuhaTEC Helps College Students Land ICT Internships
TumuhaTEC plans to expand the internship program to more organizations and hopes to be able to place even more talented students in ICT-related internships. “ICT is a rapidly evolving field and the number of career opportunities in it are growing exponentially. Through TumuhaTEC we hope to encourage ...
ID: 1319378912
23 Oct 2011 International: ictQATAR ictQATAR’s Q-CERT Enhances Cyber Preparedness in Critical Sectors Through Trainings
Q-CERT partners with the SANS Institute to deliver specialized information security training courses to IT professionals in Qatar. Q-CERT, the Cyber Security arm of the Supreme Council of Information and Communications Technology (ictQATAR) has partnered with the SANS Institute, world-renowned ...
ID: 1319379256
23 Oct 2011 International: ictQATAR Digital Media Landscape in Qatar Report
ictQATAR Publishes Report on Digital Media Landscape in Qatar Profiles Qatar’s Diverse Digital Media Ecosystem and Profile Digital Media Users in the Country The report is an in-depth review of the digital media ecosystem in Qatar, measuring the impact of the Internet on individuals and busi ...
ID: 1319379500
14 Nov 2011 International: Stop TB Partnership Investing in mHealth and horses to find and treat people with TB in Lesotho
Funded by the Stop TB Partnership, FIND has been working with the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare to improve TB case detection in hard to reach communities using a novel combination of mobile phone technology and traditional horse riders. The riders work with village health workers who screen ...
ID: 1321279601
14 Nov 2011 International: Stop TB Partnership Public private partnership uses mobile phone technology and financial incentives to dramatically increase case detection, Indus, Pakistan
The Indus Hospital in Karachi has reported a dramatic increase in case detection (+300% in case detection and 500% increase in pediatric notifications) through a Stop TB Partnership supported program that uses mobile phone technology and financial incentives to track down people with tuberculosis (T ...
ID: 1321280105
15 Apr 2011 International: TRA UAE Government Strategy 2011-2013
The UAE Government Strategy ensures that the local governments are acting according to the set high level guidelines, which place the citizen on top of its priorities and make sure the governments act in a manner which is accountable, effective and flexible yet creative and forward looking. The Gov ...
ID: 1302836981
15 Apr 2011 International: TRA My Government Initiative
In a move toward bringing the customers of government services closer to the decision makers in the federal government entities, an initiative “My Government” was launched to mark another achievement of the UAE government. His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Pri ...
ID: 1302837157
15 Apr 2011 International: TRA Sheikh Khalifa Government Excellence Program
Sheikh Khalifa Government Program aims at achieving the vision of His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, and His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, vice-President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, to enable the government sector to achieve and sustain excellence in governmen ...
ID: 1302837321
15 Apr 2011 International: TRA Telecommunication Regulatory Framework
The UAE telecom market has grown from AED30 billion to AED50 billion since 2005, with a 20 percent annual rate of growth. The UAE Telecommunication Regulatory Framework has enabled such growth year after year. The Telecommunication Regulatory Authority issued several regulations to meet the changes ...
ID: 1302837749
15 Apr 2011 International: TRA E-Commerce Law & 'Trustae Initiative
Federal Law No. 1 of 2006 pertaining to Electronic Commerce and Transactions (the "Law") was issued in January 2006. Shortly thereafter and in line with the UAE Government National Strategy and the Law, the Ministry of Economy issued two Ministerial Decisions (114) & (406) of 2006 establishing a com ...
ID: 1302837864
15 Apr 2011 International: TRA ICT Fund
The Information and Communication Technology Fund is a new venture dedicated to advancing the UAE ICT sector, both regionally and internationally. It proudly stands as another example of the UAE's commitment to innovation and progress. The first of its kind in the Middle East, the ICT Fund is desi ...
ID: 1302838023
15 Apr 2011 International: TRA Sheikh Khalifa Fund
Sheikh Khalifa Fund was established in response to the rising need of support for the small and medium businesses in the country. The Fund’s objectives are to support and develop Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in order to diversify main income streams and develop national human resources in Abu D ...
ID: 1302838131
15 Apr 2011 International: TRA Abu Dhabi Information and Systems Centre Strategy
Abu Dhabi government’s e-strategy was developed and has been maintained by Abu Dhabi Information and Systems Centre (ADSIC) in Abu Dhabi. ADSIC crafted the Abu Dhabi e-strategy that supports the e-government vision. The e-strategy looks after and caters for the different dimensions of the E-R-U Fra ...
ID: 1302838311
15 Apr 2011 International: TRA Zayed University & Internet 2
Internet2 is an . advanced networking consortium of U.S. Led by the research and education community since 1996, Internet2 provides both leading-edge network capabilities and unique partnership opportunities that together facilitate the development, deployment and use of revolutionary Internet techn ...
ID: 1302839305
15 Apr 2011 International: TRA E-books store/E-library
Etisalat and Huawei Technologies Co. announced the launch of the pilot project of e-Books Store/e-Library at Khalifa University of Science, Technology and Research (KUSTAR). The pilot project is in partnership with Etisalat-Huawei Application Innovation Center (AIC) and Etisalat BT Innovation Center ...
ID: 1302839400
15 Apr 2011 International: TRA Emirates Internet Society
Founded in March 14, 2006, the Emirates Internet Society initiative has brought together groups of young people with support from the UAE Knowledge Village in Dubai. The group is seeking to develop and improve the performance of Internet users, and to facilitate the exchange of experiences and infor ...
ID: 1302839545
15 Apr 2011 International: TRA The UAE’s Internet Exchange Point (IXP) Project
The Internet Exchange Point (IXP) project, aims at creating an International Internet hub in the United Arab Emirates. The IXP will serve as a platform for ISPs, network operators, content providers, content delivery networks and large networks to exchange Internet traffic. It will also facilitate a ...
ID: 1302840454
15 Apr 2011 International: TRA Wareed
Wareed is a project by the Ministry of Health (MOH) that aims at revolutionizing the healthcare system and developing healthcare services with a fully integrated health information system. This initiative stemmed out of recognition by the MOH that Information Technology (IT) is a key driver for imp ...
ID: 1302840644


 International organizations
99 activities found
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Updated Country/Entity Activity
10 Apr 2007 International: Asian Development Bank (ADB) ADB's Assistance in ICT
This document describes ADB assistance in ICT as of March 2007. ...
ID: 1176209722
25 Apr 2007 International: Commonwealth Secretariat Rebuilding after the Tsunami: using ICTs for change
This project builds on already existing efforts and initiatives and is currently developing a set of bilingual, dynamic websites and a system of email accounts. The ensuing suite of websites will enable organisations involved in tsunami reconstruction work to publish their work directly on to the gl ...
ID: 1177508160
25 Apr 2007 International: Commonwealth Secretariat CYPTEC on Wheels Project
This is a mobile van fitted with computers, which moves from one region to another to bring awareness among the disadvantaged sections of society. This helps train the unemployed youth force and provides them with better job opportunities. They learn the basics of ICT and enhance their skills, thus ...
ID: 1177508275
25 Apr 2007 International: Commonwealth Secretariat Small business training for woman using Radio Programmes. (Cameroon)
This project aims to create a Multi Media Resource Kit (MMRK) for use by radio stations and offers radio-based learning for women who wish to develop or are already involved in micro-enterprises. The MMRK will be made in such a way as to provide easy access to those radio stations with suitable equ ...
ID: 1177508446
25 Apr 2007 International: Commonwealth Secretariat Computers for Communities (Trinidad and Tobago)
This is a regional initiative to refurbish used computers and peripherals donated by all Caribbean governments and corporate citizens at a limited number of refurbishment centres. The computers will be used by schools and at-risk communities. ...
ID: 1177508545
25 Apr 2007 International: Commonwealth Secretariat The International e-Partnership Summit (IePS)
The IePS was the largest promotional and engagement initiative undertaken so far under the CC programme. Its major objective was to communicate to the countries of the Commonwealth the work being done under the Commonwealth Connects umbrella. It was ultimately aimed at promoting effective global par ...
ID: 1177508796
25 Apr 2007 International: Commonwealth Secretariat NEPAD e-Governance Programme
The NEPAD e-Africa Commission, with the Commonwealth Secretariat convened two workshops to advance the e-Governance agenda in the African continent. The first workshop, Strategic Gap Analysis Workshop, June 2006, was based on an e-readiness assessment of a representative sample of twenty African cou ...
ID: 1177509019
25 Apr 2007 International: Commonwealth Secretariat The Commonwealth Connects Portal
The Portal aims to share the common ICT wealth of the Commonwealth. The wealth of technical and human capital within the Commonwealth is incomparable and can be creatively tapped such that it can benefit the cause of social and economic development of member states. The Portal functionalities incl ...
ID: 1177509165
22 Mar 2007 International: ECLAC (Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean) eLAC2007, Regional Plan of Action for the Information Society in Latin America and the Caribbean
eLAC2007 is a regionally concerted public policy agenda which recognizes the importance of information and communication technologies (ICT) for economic and social development in the countries of the region. The eLAC2007 Action Plan is based on dialogue and cooperation between all Latin American a ...
ID: 1174510404
27 Sep 2007 International: Efforts infinite Society Society for Rights and Peace Mobile computer program in the villages and countryside
A caravan wheeled him cause a car or (car caravans) inside a set of computers for education and training of citizens in rural villages and Basra Governorate on which we can all sciences through computer Almetzmn Internet submission Literacy ignorance and illiteracy ...
ID: 1188907563
14 Dec 2010 International: IFIP WITFOR, the World IT Forum
Recognizing the developmental opportunities offered by digital technologies and the need for developing countries and developed countries to collaborate to exploit such opportunities, IFIP undertakes a number of activities under the umbrella of the World Information Technology Forum (WITFOR). Th ...
ID: 1292333720
3 May 2007 International: International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) IEC Affiliate Country Programme
The IEC Affiliate Country Programme was launched to give developing countries free access to existing International Standards for electrotechnology and related fields (including ICT standards). Countries participating are able to select a library of standards based on domestic needs, they are able t ...
ID: 1178200432
4 Dec 2013 International: International Telecommunication Union Regional WSIS Stocktaking Report for Europe & CIS
This report was prepared as information document for ITU-D Regional Development Forum (RDF) for Europe and Regional Preparatory Meeting for Europe (RPM EUR) in order to provide the examples of activities related to the implementation of WSIS outcomes in the region and to enrich discussions related t ...
ID: 1386145072
13 May 2008 International: ITU (International Telecommunication Union) BDT contribution to the WSIS Implementation
The following material presents the BDT contribution to the WSIS Implementation. ...
ID: 1210680799
13 Apr 2009 International: Panos South Asia Building ICT Opportunities for Facilitating Networking, Knowledge Sharing and Learning on ICT4D in South Asia Project
The long-term objective of the project is to facilitate ICT driven empowerment of the marginalized people in development in South Asian countries to mainstream their local perspectives (voices) to facilitate networking, knowledge sharing and learning on ICT4D at the national, regional and global lev ...
ID: 1239596279
13 Apr 2009 International: Panos South Asia Building Communications Opportunities (BCO)
We entered into the Building Communications Opportunities (BCO) Alliance partnership in 2004. The BCO Alliance is a dynamic and creative global initiative spanning Latin America, Africa and Asia, bringing together three bilateral donor agencies and six NGOs. The Alliance investigates, mobilises and ...
ID: 1239596931
10 Mar 2010 International: Panos South Asia Facilitating Networking, Knowledge Sharing and Learning on ICT4D in South Asia
Several reports have been published under project on ICT4D issues in South Asia. ...
ID: 1268211259
10 Mar 2010 International: Panos South Asia Panos Radios South Asia
Panos Radio South Asia ( is an initiative of Panos South Asia on online broadcasting on various development issues to raise the marginalised voices in development. ...
ID: 1268211483
11 Mar 2010 International: Foundation Foundation aspires to build support structures to help sustain millions of telecentres established around the world. Telecentres as public spaces offer useful, relevant and demands-based services to people living in rural and peri-urban areas. These services range from e-government public serv ...
ID: 1268296803
3 Apr 2007 International: UNDESA (United Nations Department for Economic and Social Affairs) WSIS dedicated webpage for Action Lines C1 and C7eGov
Within the framework of the WSIS implementation mechanism together with the Community of Experts (CoE) on E-governance of the Global Alliance for ICT and Development (GAID), DESA has established a dedicated webpage with a discussion board hosted on the UNPAN portal that also contains a Discussion Bo ...
ID: 1175629335
13 Feb 2008 International: UNESCAP Capacity Building for ICT Policymaking
The project aimed to build sustainable national capacity in developing countries to build up and implement ICT policies and e-Strategies harnessing the potential of ICT for development. It’s implemented jointly by UNESCAP and UNECE to stress the link between the use of ICT and promotion of develop ...
ID: 1202873591
30 Mar 2007 International: UNESCAP - Information, Communication and Space Technology Division (ICSTD) Third Ministerial Conference on Space Applications in Asia and the Pacific
The First Ministerial Conference (Beijing, 1994) and Second MC (New Delhi, 1999) helped the region to focus on the current status, and priorities for upcoming years, in improving benefits from space technology in (and for) the region. They resulted in priorities for (First MC) awareness and trainin ...
ID: 1175235961
30 Mar 2007 International: UNESCAP - Information, Communication and Space Technology Division (ICSTD) Toward Improved Regional Cooperation Mechanisms in Disaster Management
Disasters are diverse in nature, distribution, and socio-economic impact in Asia and the Pacific. Virtually any place impacted by a severe disaster becomes least-developed, needing outside (often international) help. This programme has worked toward improving regional cooperation in all aspects of ...
ID: 1175236245
30 Mar 2007 International: UNESCAP - Information, Communication and Space Technology Division (ICSTD) Toward Improved Connectivity for the Pacific
Pacific island states have been served by a diversity of telecommunication mechanisms, from submarine cable and satellite to 2-way radio. However, the return of global enthusiasm for building connectivity "pipe" and applications, plus other circumstances including new institution-building in the Ca ...
ID: 1175236515
12 Mar 2010 International: UN-ESCWA Information Society Portal (ISPER)
For the 2008-2009 period, ESCWA continued to maintain and update its Information Society Portal (ISPER) which was created and developed to serve as a regional online tool for following-up on the Regional Plan of Action (RPoA) as well as various other WSIS issues. The Arabic and English portal featu ...
ID: 1268391385


 Business sector entities
15 activities found
Updated Country/Entity Activity
21 Mar 2007 International: Al-Iktissad Wal-Aamal Group The ArabTelecommunication & Internet Forum (ATIF)
The purpose of the Arab Telecommunication & Internet Forum is to bring the public and private sectors together (governments, regulatory authorities, ICT industry leaders, suppliers and experts) all under one roof to network and discuss issues of strategic importance to the development of the Arab In ...
ID: 1174469652
30 Mar 2010 International: EKOICT AND ASSOCIATES Ghana Online Database
Information at all levels is very essential, must be easily accessible and of course, should be free. Without doubt the internet and WWW have made information sharing, dissemination, production and accessing more easily. But the content from Ghana on the internet has been an age long problem. It is ...
ID: 1269950311
26 Jan 2010 International: The UnversalNet The UniversalNet
The UniversalNet, or "U-Net," is a new and unique wireless communications-network, based on new satellite technology that covers the entire earth, providing universal media-access DIRECTLY to all users, on every point of the globe. Broadcast-reception (i.e. all commercial/public local and satellit ...
ID: 1264481598
27 Feb 2014 Algeria: BEYTE DataCenter Data Center & Cloud Computing Infrastructure, IT eco-system
At the core of the digital economy, the data center provides a secure environment and a high availability network access for the IT and telecommunications equipments .The advent of Cloud gave birth to the «Cloud-Center» conception for an extreme flexibility and scalability. Our project aims to meet ...
ID: 1384078639
5 Nov 2013 Algeria: SNTR-GROUP / SNTR-SOLITRANS (subsidiary of transport digital services) Achieve intelligent transportation system
Realize an intelligent transportation system to plan and integrate all types of transport at the same time and using the latest technology (3G, android, smartphone, tablet, ...). One consequence of this is to ensure the mobility of passengers and goods. ...
ID: 1383636783
9 Jul 2008 Bolivia: Startel Bolivia CDMA 450 Mhz Services Basic Wireless Telephony, Data Transmission, Public Telephony
Startel has the license issued by the Superintendence of Gtelecommunicactions to be operator in the 450Mhz CDMA frecuency in order to give services of basic telephony, public telephony, data transmission Internet, Dial Up ADSL, National, INternational Telephony,and value added services in the whole ...
ID: 1215611080
15 Mar 2010 Ghana: EKOICT and Technology Student's Association of Ghana Telecom University College Schools and Communities ICT Project (Discover I.T).
Using new and refurbished computer systems Provide I.C.T. Center/Laboratories and Training for Public Basic Schools (Primary & Junior High schools). Each centre with at least 100 computers and necessary equipments to cater for up-to 2,500 pupils and teachers in each cluster of school; For a term ...
ID: 1268655496
11 Apr 2007 Guatemala: XOLO, S. A. Implementacion de Aplicacion WAP-WEB para venta al detalle
Diseñando estrategias y desarrollando aplicaciones WAP para elevar los niveles de competitividad en los comercios nacionales, innovando y agilizando la gestion de mercadeo y venta con aplicaciones de software en ambientes WEB. ...
ID: 1176310078
ID: 1298702196
6 Jun 2007 Iran (Islamic Republic of): Arianous ICTD The role of governments and all stakeholders in the promotion of ICTs for development
Cooperation among stakeholders , Millennium Declaration , Mainstreaming ICTs , Multi Stakeholder Partnership (MSP) , Multi-stakeholder portals for indigenous peoples , National e-strategies , Public/Private Partnerships (PPP) and some topics that i think very usfull to developing modernizem para ...
ID: 1177422830
27 May 2010 Kenya: Global Exim Ltd Digital Villages (PaSha)
There is a need to empower local entrepreneurs with capacities to enable them to provide ICT facilities. ...
ID: 1274963237
14 Jan 2012 Nigeria: Information Technology (Industry) Association of Nigeria ITAN WSIS Report 2012
Information Technology (Industry) Association of Nigeria (ITAN) within the period under review conducted and participated in workshops, seminars, fora and capacity building programmes in Nigeria and overseas as part of its contribution to the WSIS Action Lines (AL) and targets realization. Specifi ...
ID: 1326551798
8 Mar 2011 Nigeria: Empower Women, Create the Future
A special session on the Advancement and Empowerment of Women through ICTs will be organized during the March 2011 FREE IT Career Seminar. We will use this special session to celebrate the achievement of women in ICT to inform and encourage women and men about the impact women have in ICT. The spe ...
ID: 1299541453
19 Jun 2008 Somali (Democratic Republic): WSIS Implemenation Plan for Somalia Establishement of WSIS Somalia program, to make national e-strategy, improve regulations and deregulations of the national telecommunication policy, organizing event forums to exchange ideas and ways,
The project intend to create understand of WSIS policy in Somalia, create employement opportunities through, skills training development in the ICTs feilds, establishment of national E-strategy for Somalia as state level as well as federal levels that mitigates the penetration of telecommunication d ...
ID: 1213819475
30 Apr 2007 United Arab Emirates: Etisalat United Arab Emirates Federal eGovernment Program
Etisalat was selected as the Strategic Partner with the United Arab Emirates Federal Government to provide eGovernment services. Etisalat conducted studies, consultations and workshops for the eGovernment program along with the Ministries and entities, using the best standards to establish the eGov ...
ID: 1177908980


 Civil society entities
43 activities found
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Updated Country/Entity Activity
18 Mar 2010 International: ( COSCIS ) Consortium de la Société Civile pour le Suivi de la Mise en œuvre des Résultats du Sommet Mondial sur la Société de l’Information) …… Organisation du Forum International sur le thème : Gouvernance de l’Internet et les TIC au service du Développement durable
Le Forum International que le COSCIS organise avec ses différents partenaires, apportera les témoignages, les analyses et les réflexions sur le recours pour la Gouvernance de l’Internet et les TIC au service du Développement durable. Il passera en revue les résultats issus des recommandations du SMS ...
ID: 1268880146
4 Dec 2013 International: Association for Progressive Communications Internet Governance Forum
APC has been consistently committed to the development of the Internet governance forum (IGF) since its creation and see its as the most important international policy area aimed at improving the governance of the internet. At the IGF, APC advocates for policies and regulatory approaches that ensure ...
ID: 1385586535
7 Dec 2010 International: Ingénieurs du Monde formation professionnelle pour favoriser la connaissance des métiers liés à l'internet
BRIEF PRESENTATION OF KILIMANJARO INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR TELECOMMUNICATIONS, ELECTRONICS, AND COMPUTERS (KIITEC) ____________________________________________________________________ Global framework Over the last twenty years, the new technologies and more especially micro electronics, ...
ID: 1291715510
10 Aug 2011 International: INSHED (International Network for Standardization of Higher Education Degree) Methodology for an action plan to set up an educational partnership
As stakeholder working on the implementation of WSIS guide line and in order to contribute in its follow-up we would like to mention our observation in the area of partnership / education. This observation is from a booklet published by UNESCO and IIEP, which is called “Manual for Monitoring and Ev ...
ID: 1312987162
7 Feb 2007 International: International Development Gateway Brazilian portal to promote national ICT development
Telemática e Desenvolvimento Ltda announced today the launch of the e-Brazil portal, a bilingual portal that is part of the international network of country gateways supported by the Development Gateway Foundation. The e-Brazil portal brings together information and discussions related to t ...
ID: 1170851609
26 Sep 2010 International: Free Information Technology Career Seminar
The free Information Technology (IT) Career seminar is designed to provide information and guidance for developing careers in IT. It features tips and insights on acquiring IT Certifications such as A+, Cisco CCNA and Network+ and career development strategies as well how to take advantage of IT Ent ...
ID: 1285452494
9 Apr 2011 International: Metis Global Awareness Netwok, Accredited Observer to the UNFCCC Global Climate Change Crisis & Sustainability Panorama Public Awareness Platform
Web clearing house, unique worldwide, effectively forwarding “big audience” holistic information regarding environmental crisis and climate change - in concise and comprehensible way; mainly focuses in creating public awareness. Active citizen finds herein info to form a comprehensive, global pictur ...
ID: 1302344168
15 Jan 2012 Argentina: FUNDACION ARGENTINA A LAS NACIONES CAMINO A LA VERDAD - FANCV Program: Alézeia Strategy Project ("Truth" in Greek).
An International and transversal level, fundamental role of the TICs. Info educative proposal: to produce a “Metanoia” (a total change of mentality) to put in first place the Efficient Common Welfare rather than the personal egoism. Its goal is to solve the consequences through Education to Eradicat ...
ID: 1326604201
2 Apr 2008 Argentina: INNOVA-RED INNOVA-RED. Red nacional de educación e investigación de Argentina
INNOVA-RED, red académica nacional, es un proyecto de INNOVA-T, la unidad de vinculación tecnológica del CONICET y su misión es proveer a la comunidad educativa y de investigación de los medios más modernos para llevar a cabo las tareas que requieran transmisión de datos. Además, coopera con la coor ...
ID: 1207146062
30 Jul 2007 Bangladesh: Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio and Communication(BNNRC) Promoting Appropriate Technologies and Policies to Uphold the Value ICT as Basic Human Rights
BNNRC now strive for following core interventions to achieve WSIS action plan, Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and PRSP: 1. Awareness on correlations of ICT, poverty alleviation and Institutionalization of Democracy and Right to information(RTI) 2. Establishment of ICT Resource Cent ...
ID: 1185779113
17 Mar 2010 Bangladesh: Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio and Communication Bridging the Information divide in Bangladesh
Bridging the Information divide in Bangladesh through implementing World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) Action Plan in Bangladesh Major components: 1.Awareness on correlations of ICT, poverty alleviation and Institutionalization of Democracy and Right to information (RTI) 2.Establis ...
ID: 1268134700
30 Aug 2010 Bangladesh: Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio and Communication Community Radio Training in Bangladesh in line with WSIS Action plan
1. Develop Dynamic Community Drama programming on issues of transparency and anti-corruption 2. Develop training modules and associated materials for Community Radio Practitioners (CRP) on: a. Effective station management b. Basic journalism skills c. Production skills d. Content development e ...
ID: 1283199173
8 May 2010 Bangladesh: Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio and Communication Youth Employability & Enterprise Skills Radio Programme: Bangladesh
: Equal Access Nepal (EAN) will train radio producers to produce and broadcast 8 episodes of a youth-focussed radio programme in Bengali which will raise awareness of enterprise skills and connect youth to technical and vocational education and training opportunities. The organization Banglade ...
ID: 1273290380
17 Mar 2010 Bangladesh: Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio and Communication(BNNRC) Bridging the Information divide in Bangladesh
Bridging the Information divide in Bangladesh through implementing World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) Action Plan. Major project components are: 1.Awareness on correlations of ICT, poverty alleviation and Institutionalization of Democracy and Right to information (RTI) 2.Establish ...
ID: 1208279139
10 Sep 2012 Bangladesh: Ganochetona Foundation Rice seed Distribution and support our merginal farmer.
BGF already working the Agricultural sector of Cyclone SIDOR & AYLA affected Shyamnagor Upozilla in Satkhira district of South-west region in Bangladesh. This time we are working the Agriculture, Land, Water , Livestock, Rice Seed, Fisheries, Food crises, Livelihood support. We are working with ma ...
ID: 1347288268
29 Mar 2008 Bangladesh: Katalyst Making ICT work for the poor
Katalyst is a project funded by DFID, SDC and SIDA working for private sector development in Bangladesh. Facilitate establishment of sustainable / business / entrepreneurship model of telecenters, support for content development, capacity building, service innovation, awareness building etc. We are ...
ID: 1206783325
24 Mar 2008 Bangladesh: Society for Economic and Basic Advancement (SEBA) Promoting ICT for poverty alliviation and bringing the benefits of ICT to the rural communities.
To ensure successful implementation of Plan of Action of WSIS, SEBA initiated ICT for Development Program Bangladesh. Under this program,SEBA developed business model to serve the rural communities through profit. In this process, SEBA do the following activities - - Developing and facilitating est ...
ID: 1206346155
26 Mar 2010 Bangladesh: Voice of South-Bangladesh IT solutions To End Poverty(ISEP)
Description of activities -Raising awareness about strategic use of ICT for better practices and self-employment -Availability of government forms and regulation Having familiarity and involvement with computer and digital literacy --One stop service such as photocopy, Documentation, compos ...
ID: 1269573503
11 Jan 2010 Belgium: The Destree Institute - Millennia 2015 Millennia 2015, Women actors of development for the global challenges
The specificity of Millennia 2015 is to work in the context of the information society with foresight as a method. The goals of Millennia 2015 are to increase the potential of women, to reinforce their capacities, to encourage their investment and to fully recognize their responsibility in technolog ...
ID: 1263246377
15 Apr 2008 Benin: iEARN - Benin ICT promotion in public schools
Today, it's appear that the technology gap between developed countries and developing countries is very great. The situation is a challenge for us as an organisation whose'vision is to assist schools and educators in promotion of ICT by training and creating school net. ...
ID: 1208288332
8 Jun 2009 Cameroon: AFRISOLAR, African Coalition for Renewable Energy PIDETER (Programme Intégré de Développement des Technologies en milieu Rural)
Le développement des diverses régions du Cameroun présente un hideux visage des multiples vitesses de pénétration des technologies existantes, et ce, du menu clou aux TIC, en passant par l'accès la tôle et certaines autres technologies de l'habitat. Les espoirs suscités par les TIC revêtent des pré ...
ID: 1242397928
8 Jun 2009 Cameroon: AFRISOLAR, African Coalition for Renewable Energy PIDETER (Programme Intégré de Développement des Technologies en milieu Rural)
Le développement des diverses régions du Cameroun présente un hideux visage des multiples vitesses de pénétration des technologies existantes, et ce, du menu clou aux TIC, en passant par l'accès la tôle et certaines autres technologies de l'habitat. Les espoirs suscités par les TIC revêtent des pré ...
ID: 1242398095
21 Sep 2007 France: CAMEFI Rendre accessible les solutions offertes par le developpement des T.I.C.
ID: 1125071278
8 Dec 2010 France: Eurolinc Promote the internet in native language and help to create Open Roots for local usage and a better secure Internet
- Acting for a non-ASCII Internet, open for all users - Fight against the ICANN monopoly and Domain Names racketeering by launching Open Roots - Work on securing the lower layers of the Internet - Anticipate the revolution of the Internet of Things and the problem of personal data security ...
ID: 1291800545
27 Sep 2012 Ghana: ASSOCIATION OF HOUSEWIVES AND YOUTH IN AGRICULTURE ( AHAHA) shea nut picking and processing of butter, crop farming, animal husbandry and Agroforestry
The NGO have put in motion mechanism to educate and sensitize women and youth on the causes and solutions to under nutrition. Some of the education and sensitization programs include provision of extension services to women; increase food production and effective utilization of protein rich foods; ...
ID: 1347920568


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