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27 Feb 2014 Indonesia: sri sunardi ICT Pura
ICT Pura is a national movement to map the effectiveness of ICT policy in all 497 Regencies and Cities in Indonesia. ICT Pura is not limited to data collections to form national ICT index, but also aim to achieve the following outcome: a. Measure the effectiveness of national ICT programmes. b. H ...
ID: 1392260715
27 Feb 2014 Indonesia: sri sunardi Pemeringkatan e-Government Indonesia
Pemeringkatan e-Government Indonesia is Indonesia e-Government Ranking. This program reviews the level of e-government implementation of the adoption of e-government in the government institution ...
ID: 1392261601
18 Feb 2014 Korea (Rep. of): National Information Society Agency Information Access Center
NIA is stuggling to provide more opportunity to access to information and knowledge in the developing countries. From 2002 to this date, 34 IACs have been established and are on its mission to each countries public, servants. From the kids to the elder, anyone who would like to use and get access to ...
ID: 1383099492
11 Nov 2013 Norway: CBNRM Networking LinkedIn CBNRM group
This group is for individuals, institutions, NGOs and organizations that are interested in or work on Community-Based Natural Resource Management (CBNRM) and related approaches, across cultures and ecosystems globally. It caters to those that are new to CBNRM and want to learn about it, as well as t ...
ID: 1384165085
4 Nov 2013 Turkey: Presidency for Turks Abroad and Related Communities Türkiye Scholarships Information System
Turkiye Scholarships is a government program and provided only for international students would study at higher education institutes in Turkiye. The aim of this program is to improve mutual understanding with other countries and to contribute richness of global information with people oriented appro ...
ID: 1383227171
17 Feb 2014 United Arab Emirates: dubai land department eMart
Dubai Real Estate Market (eMart) is an online portal; specially designed for real estate professionals to list their properties for sale and rent in Dubai. The new system provides public with number of e-services allowing them to search for properties listed for auction, sale or rent, communicate wi ...
ID: 1385748375


 International organizations
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Updated Country/Entity Activity
25 Jan 2005 International: UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) ICT in Education Policies
The programme aims at enhancing awareness, vision and commitment of decision makers for the judicious use of ICT in education and at strengthening national capacities to develop, implement and monitor ICT master plans Facilitating the policy integration and implementation of other JFIT project compo ...
ID: 1106664748
26 Jan 2005 International: UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) Integrating ICTs into Education: Lessons Learned
"Integrating ICTs into Education: Lessons Learned" seeks to present the cream of countries efforts to integrate ICTs into their education systems. This practical guide synthesizes and analyzes experiences in connection with specific lessons learned and highlights best practices and the need for furt ...
ID: 1106753845
2 Oct 2013 Switzerland: Secretariat of the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm Conventions PACE Progress Report
1. The Partnership for Action on Computing Equipment (PACE) was launched at the ninth meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Basel Convention, which took place in Bali, Indonesia in June 2008. Since January 2009, the PACE Working Group (PACEWG), established under the auspices of the Open-en ...
ID: 1380700399


 Business sector entities
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Updated Country/Entity Activity
27 Feb 2014 Algeria: BEYTE DataCenter Data Center & Cloud Computing Infrastructure, IT eco-system
At the core of the digital economy, the data center provides a secure environment and a high availability network access for the IT and telecommunications equipments .The advent of Cloud gave birth to the «Cloud-Center» conception for an extreme flexibility and scalability. Our project aims to meet ...
ID: 1384078639


 Civil society entities
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Updated Country/Entity Activity
19 Mar 2007 Indonesia: Association of Community Internet Center - APWKomitel Distributing Multipurpose Community Internet Center & Directory
Deployment MCI (Multipurpose Community Internet) Center in rural villages with Government ( PPP) and in urban town with grass root SME member of APWKomitel(bottom up). - Promoting MCI Center thru Directory of Public Internet Center in rural villages, urban city, town and municipality with Ministry ...
ID: 1143795049


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