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Project ID: 1265212755
Entity: Switzerland - Burger Consulting
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Activity: Establishing a sound eSourcing Strategy
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Activity description: Escalating competition in a global marketplace. Continuing pressure to improve efficiencies and reduce prices. Increasing complexity of processes and systems. An expanding intricate web of compliance requirements. Indisputable evidence that the current business environment has become more volatile and challenging than ever before. In order to survive, to make a difference, to contribute to the overall success of the business, resilience, adaptability and flexibility are not just required, but demanded. Depending on the approach taken, Procurement can be either the great catalyst or something throwing cold water on the drive to create result-driven solutions. In the last few years organisations have started to focus on their Procurement processes, systems and resources, driven by the need to stay competitive, react to the market needs while generating savings. However, many have noticed that the changes do not last very long and the successes even shorter mainly due to Procurement not being their core business. We will assist you in finding the best combination of components and solutions - scalable, flexible and affordable and meeting your business needs. Burger Consulting provides quality Professional and Managed Services by focusing on strategy, process optimisation, cross-functional expertise, processes and technology-specific procedures. This focus has evolved to create a competitive advantage for our clients and enable them to reap the benefits of a sound Procurement Strategy.
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Entity from: Western Europe and North America - Switzerland
Geographical coverage of the activity: International
WSIS action lines related to this activity:
Theme 1. The role of governments and all stakeholders in the promotion of ICTs for development [National e-strategies] [E-participation]
Theme 7. ICT applications: benefits in all aspects of life [E-government] [E-government strategies] [E-business] [SME competitiveness] [Supply chains and outsourcing]
Related MDGs:
MDG 8. Develop a global partnership for development
Activity type: Project, Training initiative, Guidelines, Website
Time scale: Ongoing: - 2011
Partners: no information available


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