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Project ID: 1128213203
Entity: Development Gateway Foundation
website of the entity
Activity: Launch of Aid Management Platform system
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Activity description: The Aid Management Patform is a web-based, e-government tool that increases transparency in aid processes between developing country governments and their donors, and reduces the transaction costs of aid tracking, reporting and coordination. The first modules have been deployed (May 2005) by the Government of Ethiopia, which also helped define what the system should address. Additional modules are underway. This has been an international, cooperative effort and the system can now be made available and tailored for the needs of other governments.
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International Aid Coordination and Management System
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Entity from: International
Geographical coverage of the activity: National
WSIS action lines related to this activity:
Theme 3. Access to information and knowledge
Theme 4. Capacity building
Theme 6. Enabling environment
Theme 11. International and regional cooperation
Theme 12. Achieving WSIS targets (PoA, Section B)
Related MDGs:
MDG 1. Eradicate poverty and hunger
MDG 2. Achieve Universal Primary Education
MDG 3. Promote gender equality & empower women
MDG 4. Reduce child mortality
MDG 5. Improve maternal health
MDG 6. Combat HIV/AIDS, Malaria and other diseases
MDG 7. Ensure environmental sustainability
MDG 8. Develop a global partnership for development
Activity type: Project
Time scale: Completed: 01/05/2005 -
Partners: Ministry of Finance and Economic Development in Ethiopia, Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (on behalf of the Government of India), OECD, UNDP, World Bank, and Ethiopia's official Donor Assistance Group


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