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Project ID: 1109104719
Entity: Russian Federation - Institute of the Information Society
website of the entity
Activity: Coordinating the activity of the Russian e-Development Partnership
website of the activity
Activity description: Russian e-Development Partnership (PRIOR) is a volunteer association of organizations and individuals putting together their efforts and resources in order to provide mutual informational, technological, consulting, financial, organizational, and other types of support to achieve common goals and objectives. The major goal of PRIOR is to facilitate dynamic and comprehensive development of the Information Society and to build the Knowledge Economy in Russia.
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Entity from: Eastern Europe - Russian Federation
Geographical coverage of the activity: National - Russian Federation
WSIS action lines related to this activity:
Theme 3. Access to information and knowledge
Theme 4. Capacity building
Related MDGs:
MDG 8. Develop a global partnership for development
Activity type: Programme
Time scale: Ongoing: 30/11/2001 -
Partners: More then 300 organizations


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