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Project ID: 1106921405
Entity: Bangladesh - Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio and Communication
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Activity: Promoting Appropriating Technologies and Policies to Uphold the Value
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Activity description: What we do now BNNRC Particularly Strive for Achieving WSIS Plan of action in Bangladesh To create mass awareness on ICT use and its correlation to poverty alleviation and institutionalization of democracy. To create a ICT resource base and young student catalyst especially in coastal area who will consider ICT as a basic human right not as mere privilege. To promote critical civil society in providing alternative policy options in view of ICT not as mere privilege but also as human rights and the ICT should be utilized for public good not only for mere profit. To provide support, training and technical assistance for piloting or action research on promotion of Amateur radio, Community radio, Citizen band radio, Low cost appropriate technology in power generation, Radio communication among the fishermen and launch in riverine communication, and Internet and computer practice among the disadvantage community and in outreach areas. To establish and maintenance of disaster radio network for coastal area and a rapid disaster communication deployment force. Relevancy of the objectives to the National Plan of IPRSP, MDGs, WSIS action plan and National ICT Policy The Objectives in compliance with A National Strategy for Economic Growth, Poverty Reduction and Social Development (IPRSP), Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), WSIS action plan and National Policy on Information, Communication Technology (ICT) published by Ministry of ICT and Science of Government of Bangladesh The Specific objectives are determined in such a way that compliment to greater extent to the national development program which has the relevance in the following aspects: Objective: Awareness on correlations of ICT, poverty alleviation social mobilization The objective is quite relevant with the policies like IPRSP, MDGs, WSIS action plan,ICT policy because all these policies intended to alleviate poverty creating opportunities and employment through raising awareness and building capacity. ICT as a tool can create skill base professional at all levels particularly at rural levels which contribute to poverty alleviation. ICT policy also emphasizes to ensure access to rural people. All these policies are interlinked with aims and objectives. Objective: Establishment of ICT resource center and promotion of radio listeners as primary ICT catalyst in remote coastal/rural district ICT resource centre will generate skill among the rural people. All the policies emphasize to ensure training and human resource development, build up information base, facilitate research and development, e-commerce, e-governance, agriculture and poverty alleviation and other facilities like radio listeners club among coastal/rural areas which are very much linked with IPRSP, ICT policy and MDGs, WSIS action plan goals. Objective: Advocacy Campaign and Sensitization against Digital Divide IPRSP, MDGs, WSIS action plan and ICT policy aim to alleviate poverty through human resource development and building a knowledge society. To achieve the goals of these policies, the digital divide is a major obstacle. Thus the advocacy campaign and sensitization against digital divide will contribute to achieve the goal and objectives related to these policies. Objective: Piloting or experimentation of project to create set show case example for greater multiplication Research and development is an important area which are mentioned in the National ICT policy for the greater development of the people with a view to qualitative multiplication to other areas. As a piloting and experimentation the success stories/cases will be multiplied. This will help the community people to get information/knowledge which will contribute to their development. Objective: Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Services (RACES) During disaster period particularly in coastal areas the objectives of IPRSP, MDGs, WSIS action plan and ICT policy face obstacle because all lifeline communication like telephone, cell phone, fax etc become disrupted. RACES will help during emergency disaster period for establishing communication among the community people, NGOs, and government as well. Thus the objectives of these policies will be achievable for RACES.
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BNNRC Particularly Strive for Achieving WSIS Plan of action in Bangladesh
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Entity from: Asia and Pacific - Bangladesh
Geographical coverage of the activity: National
WSIS action lines related to this activity:
Theme 1. The role of governments and all stakeholders in the promotion of ICTs for development
Theme 3. Access to information and knowledge
Theme 4. Capacity building
Theme 5. Building confidence and security in use of ICTs
Theme 6. Enabling environment
Theme 7. ICT applications: benefits in all aspects of life
Theme 8. Cultural diversity and identity, linguistic diversity and local content
Theme 10. Ethical dimensions of the Information Society
Theme 12. Achieving WSIS targets (PoA, Section B)
Theme 15. Towards WSIS Phase 2 (Tunis) (PoA, Section F)
Related MDGs:
MDG 1. Eradicate poverty and hunger
MDG 2. Achieve Universal Primary Education
MDG 3. Promote gender equality & empower women
MDG 4. Reduce child mortality
MDG 5. Improve maternal health
MDG 6. Combat HIV/AIDS, Malaria and other diseases
MDG 7. Ensure environmental sustainability
MDG 8. Develop a global partnership for development
Activity type: Project, Programme, Training initiative
Time scale: Ongoing: 01/01/2004 - 01/01/2007
Partners: Partnership with CORDAID in collaboration with DUS- Noakhali,Speed Trust- Barisal, YPSA in Chittagong and COAST in Bhola Bnagladesh


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