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Global Visions on the Information Society: Student's Perspectives on ICTs

More than 1500 drawings from 38 countries were received from children and youth around the world for the WSIS Poster Competition, organized by the World Summit on the Information Society in collaboration with the United Nations Cyberschoolbus. Young students enrolled in Primary, Intermediate and Secondary School where asked to illustrate how ICTs help improve our quality of life.

Three winners were chosen by a panel of judges; one Primary student, one Intermediate student, and one Secondary student. In addition, three winners were chosen in each of five geographic regions: North America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America.

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Khin Ya Min May
Ganador - Nivel primario, Asia, Myanmar, 8

Lau Hei Man
Ganador - Nivel secundario, Asia, China, 15 años de edad

Nihal Mahmoud
Ganador - Nivel intermedio, Africa, Egypt, 14 años de edad

Jorge Daniel Margaria Garcia
Ganador Regional de América Latina, Méjico.

Julieta Alvarez Manjarrez
Ganador Regional de América Latin, Méjico, 13 años de edad.

Marrianne Leurent
Ganador Regional de América Latina, República Dominicana, 12 años de edad.

Acheampong Prince Darko
Ganador Regional de Africa, Ghana, 13 años de edad.

Salamatu Issah
Ganador Regional de Africa, Ghana, 15 años de edad.

Edward Bujune
Ganador Regional de Africa, Tanzania, 18 años de edad.

Fadhil Ahmad Qamar
Ganador Regional de Asia, Indonesia, 10 años de edad.

Aung Kyaw Thet
Ganador Regional de Asia, Myanmar, 13 años de edad.

Alex Zohrab
Ganador Regional de Asia, Uzbekistán.

Ma Khine Thandar Sue
Ganador Regional de Asia, Myanmar.

Toulght Tozay
Ganador Regional de Europa, Grecia.

Hugrin Lena Hansdottir
Ganador Regional de Europa, Islandia, 11 años de edad.

Bianchi Davide/Andrea Facchetti
Ganador Regional de Europa, Italia.

Justin Tan
Ganador Regional de Norte América, Canada

Katerina Lekoska
Ganadora Regional de Norte América, Canada

Melissa Wagram
Ganador Regional de Norte América, Canada.



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