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Date:30 September 2005

African Common Position on Internet Governance

Part 5 of the Chair’s Paper


62. We recognize the efforts deployed by the initiators of the Internet, and the need to guarantee a stable and secure operation of this efficient tool for Humanity. We are also convinced that there is a need for a progressive process towards a new transparent democratic and multilateral framework for governments, private sector, civil society and international organizations in Internet governance.

63. We further recommend a progressive approach which aims to set up an efficient, transparent and democratic mechanism and ensure equitable resources distribution leading to internationalized multi stakeholder oversight functions of the Internet public policy in particular with the following actions:

  • To ensure the role of Governments in decision making with regard to all Internet Public policy development issues;

  • The reinforcement of the Internet Regional Resource Management Institution, to ensure regional autonomy in Internet resources management;

  • The Internationalization of root server management;

  • The strengthening of the participation of specialized institutions from developing countries in the technical management and standardization Internet bodies.

64. We support the establishment of a global consultation forum, to review in depth the general policies on Internet Governance. Such a framework should facilitate participation for all stakeholders. We call upon the UN Secretary General to organize the forum before the end of the first quarter of 2006.

65. We Call for the follow up of this progressive multi stakeholder approach which should be in the context of the relevant international institutions, and coordinated under the UN system.



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