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WSI: Future of Broadband

Thursday, 21 November 2013, 14:15 - 15:45, Jupiter 15
Broadband access is a global success story. Citizens and governments view the "digital economy" as a driver of growth and development. This means broadband is now a part of the critical national infrastructure. Yet (according to PwC) the telecoms industry has failed to cover its cost of capital in the past decade. Too many resources are required, for too little value created. So why is there an infrastructure sustainability crisis? The race to be first to market with each technology generation has resulted in a fixation on peak bandwidth. This has created a supply-led industry that is both inefficient and ineffective. Operators are creating costly capacity which fails to deliver sufficient impact on user experience. Meanwhile, users find broadband services lack dependability, which limits their utility and stifles the growth of new applications. What is of value is not a supply of bandwidth, but rather fit-for-purpose services that meet users demand for successful application outcomes. Join the world's leading network performance engineering team to learn how a demand-led industry can put broadband back onto a sustainable growth path. Using case studies, we will describe the changes to network design, marketing and operations that lead to future success.

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