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Panel Session

PSB3: Convergence of Regulation

Tuesday, 19 November 2013, 16:15 - 17:45, Jupiter 10
Telecommunications, media and other regulators now inhabit a changing world dominated by end-to-end IP devices and networks, a world of over the top operators (OTT) providing applications where voice is as much an application as a weather outlook, a world where every user is a content generator. Content, whether live or streamed, can be viewed on numerous different "smart" devices and over multiple delivery technologies. Delivery platforms vary from digital broadcasting, satellite to broadband IP fixed and wireless networks. It is the consumer who largely decides how they access content and applications, but there can be lock in.

Today applications and services are largely provided by different players from those providing the alternative and competitive local infrastructures. The dominant players are no longer the national incumbent ruled over by the national regulator but largely free reigned international companies. Many new companies are increasing their value whereas the infrastructure players are struggling to stand still. There has been a quantum change in the value chain where the software and application service providers dictate to the infrastructure players.

This session will address such questions as: Is it time to radically think about the scope of the telecommunications and media/broadcasting regulators? Should these bodies have their wings clipped and be merged together? Will such changes assist or hinder the investment and rapid rollout of new services? Who needs protecting? What is the appropriate level of regulation or can the industry work together to produce "guidelines" and self-regulate?