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Mr Shimizaki Yoshihito

  • Mr Shimizaki Yoshihito
  • Vice Chairman
  • Small Cell Forum
  • Panel Session
  • PSM1 : Squeezing Spectrum
  • Jupiter 8
  • Friday, 22 November 2013 13:30 - 15:00
  • Panellists


Yoshihito Shimazaki is Vice President of the Solution Advancing Office at Softbank Mobile Corp. (SBM), where his main responsibilities are leading, developing and implementing all the small cell solutions in SBM’s mobile network with Femto technology for UMTS and FDD/TDD-LTE, for expanding the indoor coverage as well as rural area coverage all over Japan. With his experience in the small cell technology, he has taken on a role of Vice Chair for Asia for Small Cell Forum, representing Softbank on the Executive Board.

Yoshihito is also responsible to lead the satellite mobile business and its’ related solutions in SBM. Recognizing the strength of satellite network through the experience of gigantic natural disasters in Japan, Yoshihito has implemented the disaster recovery solutions with satellite backhaul for mobile base stations including “basestation-vehicles”.

After joining SBM in 2004, he engaged in critical missions such as, acquiring 1.7GHz license from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, applying due diligence for the takeover of Vodafone Japan, and expanding and enhancing mobile network, all of which were successfully achieved.

Before joining SBM, Yoshihito worked for OKI Electric Industry Co., Ltd., which he joined after earning a Master’s Degree in Telecommunication Technology from Osaka Prefecture University. He researched and developed projects in the Telecommunications Technology Laboratory, Mobile Communication Division, and the Silicon Solution Division. In addition to publishing a total of 6 papers, Yoshihito worked on handset and chipset design for IS-95A, as well as the system LSI architecture design for W-CDMA, W-LAN and UWB.