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Mr Sergy Pastukh

  • Mr Sergy Pastukh
  • Vice-chair ITU-R SG1 - Spectrum Management
  • Radio Research and Development Institute (NIIR)
  • Russian Federation
  • Panel Session
  • PSL2 : Spectrum for the Future
  • Jupiter 9
  • Friday, 22 November 2013 10:45 - 12:15
  • Panellists

Mr.Sergey Pastukh has been 25-years experience in spectrum management, computer modeling of radio environment for space and terrestrial systems, radio monitoring and frequency planning for mobile and fixed systems. Nowadays he is a deputy head of Center of EMC analysis of the Radio Research and Development Institute (NIIR). Mr. Pastukh obtained Ph.D. scientific degree in 1995. Between 2007 and 2012 Mr. Pastukh has been the Chairman of ITU-R Working Party 1B responsible in ITU-R for spectrum management methodologies and economic strategies as well as Vice-Chairman of ITU-R SG1 responsible for spectrum management issues. Since 2012 and up to now he is a Chairman of ITU-R SG1. After participating in several meetings of the CEPT Electronic Communications Committee and its subordinate groups Mr. Pastukh has been appointed as a Chairman of the CEPT Working Group Frequency Management in March 2008 and chairs this group up to now. As a representative of the Russian telecommunication administration and Radio Research & Development Institute he was attend WRC-07 (agenda item 1.4 - frequency for IMT) and WRC-12 (agenda item 1.19 - Cognitive radio). In preparation to the WRC-15 Mr. Pastukh is working in different study groups and project teams within ITU-R, CEPT and RCC as a Head of delegation of the Russian Federation.