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Mr Md Ridzuan Md Yusof

  • Mr Md Ridzuan Md Yusof
  • Head
  • Electric Vehicle Project
  • Proton
  • Malaysia
  • Panel Session
  • PSI1 : Smart Mobility - Connecting, Integrating and Commercializing Transportation in a Smarter World
  • Jupiter 8
  • Thursday, 21 November 2013 14:15 - 15:45
  • Panellists

Md Ridzuan Md Yusof is leading the Advanced Vehicle Research for PROTON and a key figure on the development of technology demonstrator and vehicle electrification projects such as Electric/Hybrid Vehicle and EMAS (Eco-Mobility Advanced Solution). He has more than 12 years diversify experience in vehicle development specializing in e-drive system integration, advanced control, alternative & energy recovery system as well as technology evaluation and roadmapping. Being the Industrial Advisory Panel (IAP) for several local universities and published technical papers to numbers of conferences as well as being as invited speakers to international forums in area of vehicle electrification. He is also the current Executive Committee of SAE International, Malaysia as well as members to other professional bodies such as IEEE, etc. Recently, the Chairman of Technical Committee for PROTON Green Mobility Challenge (PGMC).