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Dr Bob Horton

  • Dr Bob Horton
  • Board Member
  • Papua New Guinea
  • Panel Session
  • PSN3 : The ITU: Discovering a New Relevance in a Multi-Stakeholder World - The Lessons of WCIT 2012
  • Jupiter 10
  • Friday, 22 November 2013 15:15 - 16:45
  • Moderator

Bob has had a long and distinguished career in the communications field initially with the carrier, Telecom Australia in the Research Labs and later as Director of Industry Strategy for the organization. He took up involvement in regulation with the first independent regulator, AUSTEL in Australia, and was Deputy Chair and then Chair of its successor, the Australian Communications Authority, overseeing many exciting developments at the cutting edge of regulatory development. He was also a Board Member of the Australian Broadcasting Authority. In Australia he was voted ATUG Communicator of the Year, 1993, SPAN Architect of Competition, 2005 and recognized with the CTN award for services to consumers, in 2005. He is well known in international regulatory circles, and as a private consultant has advised many governments in the Asia Pacific region on regulatory matters, in both telecommunications and radiocommunications, and contributed to significant activities in the ITU and APT. He is currently a Board Member of NICTA, the regulatory body of PNG, a consultant to Intelsat and Inmarsat, has consulted for DBCDE and is an Ambassador for the Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation.